What is Samsung Bixby?

Samsung Bixby is the virtual Voice assistant that the manufacturer has incorporated in its models like Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus models.  You may say this the company’s answer to the similar application from Google. This is the first time Samsung is trying to parallel the applications like Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. This flagship application has added a new dimension to the mobile devices from Samsung, making these devices all the more enticing for the users.

In the opinion of the expert, the incorporation of this feature will definitely enable the company to cover the long lasting aspiration of Samsung device users for having such features and hence,  it will strengthen the engagement of the customers with the brand. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss the key features about this application.

Samsung  Bixby- what is this application all about?

As described in one of the  blog post from the company, this is an Artificial Intelligence application that has been conceived to facilitate smooth and hassle-interaction. This feature has been designed with the objective to escape the rising intricacy of the features as in the modern devices. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Devices will have this feature incorporated, being the first ever device from the company, having such an attribute. However, the company holds a plan to incorporate this feature in various of its forthcoming models, at a later stage.

As the features of the application stands at the time of launching,  it comes packed with arrays of attributes for Bixby Vision, Bixby Home, Bixby Voice as well as Bixby Reminder, as for an instance. As stated by the company representative, the company holds plan to use this application for controlling the Television, Air Conditioners, as as well as various other communication and Home utility devices and appliances. The company is using this application for offering a single method of communication that will come packed with arrays of technologies.

Samsung Bixby Demo, Galaxy S8


Bixby Samsung ‘s new AI Demo – Samsung Galaxy S8 and s8 plus


Samsung Bixby assistant demo review first look and set up


Samsung  Bixby : An overview of the functionality of the application

Samsung Bixby happens to be a comprehensive application that has been designed to support the users to execute arrays of interactions, not merely performing the tasks like launching a mobile application, for instance. As stated by the manufacturer, this application has the ability to support the users to perform any activity with an app, just with a touch.

As established by  Google Assistant, for instance, this application comes contextually aware that happens to  be one of the buzzwords for Artificial Intelligence. It implies, Samsung Bixby has got the capacity to identify the state that an application is in, and subsequently, direct the app for taking the right action, based on the request of the users. In addition, the application allows the users to mix touch and voice.

This Artificial Intelligence application has got the capacity to comprehend natural languages. It implies that users will not be required  to use a specific set of Phrases. But, they can convey some incomplete information and the application has the ability to interpret such command and take the necessary actions. The capacity to recognize natural language has been a key element of  modern Artificial Intelligence and as a matter of fact, has been the key factor for the rise of the cutting-edge AI applications like the Alexa.

The functionality of this application follows the usual path of action for the modern AI solutions. Just as like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant will listen to your voice, comprehend the information as reciprocate the resulting actions, this app functions in the similar style. As this application feature contextual awareness attribute, it can initiate the necessary actions, without getting into unnecessary detailing, taking the subsequent steps, logically.

As for the models like Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Bixby Button will lie along the top left hand corner of the device. This button is to be used to initiate the Dixby Agent that will enable the users to give a command.

As of now, no detailed estimation about the online and offline functionality of this app is available. However, the point that stands confirmed that this AI app is basically a cloud based service.

How to control the device?

One of the primary aim of Samsung Bixby, as stated by the manufacturer, is dealing with increasingly intricate devices. This aspect was emphasized by the company, even while giving the demonstration of the application. The company feels that as the devices are turning more complex and intricate, there exists the need for an effective AI system that will  help the users to control the devices, easily, without having to give time for checking the settings.

This AU system, performing some basic and simple functions can actually save a great deal of time and effort on the part of the users. This system us extremely easy to use that users can control with voice command, or just by the press of a button.

Samsung Bixby : About  Bixby Vision

It offers an array of functions that reaps the benefit of the phone camera. Performing in the similar lines as the AI systems like Amazon Shopping application and the Google Goggles function, for instance, users can ask  Bixby to open the camera application and hitting the button for Bixby Vision. This is a wonderful feature, however, the similar feature is available in other apps and hence, you cannot call it something unique.

Bixby Vision holds the capacity for identifying all those objects on which the camera is made to focus. There are options presented, depending on what the system sees, offering the capacity for the identification of a place, image, text or even going to the shopping options.

The best part about Bixby Vision is that it is not completely dependent on the voice service of the system. Rather, the system feature access, directly through the camera. Hence, even if a user is not having the Bixby Service, can access the wonderful feature of Bixby Vision.

Samsung Bixby: Integration with apps from Samsung and 3rd parties

The manufacturer has given confirmation about the compatibility of this system with 10 of the captive apps from the company. It implies users will have access to more apps and most importantly, there will be a wonderful variation between the nature of the apps on the phone.

Samsung has made it clear that it is holding the plan to impart the compatibility for supporting the apps from 3rd parties, through an SDK. However, the most crucial question that comes up in this regard, revolves around Google apps. Samsung has to rely on a few core apps from Google for offering the experience to its users. Hence, the integration of this System with the 3rd party app, is highly solicited. The company confirmed that in the near future, the system will be supporting more native and 3rd party apps.

Though Samsung has not confirmed the names of the apps that can be integrated with this system, however, it will be working with:

  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Message
  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Settings
  • Phonebook
  • Bixby
  • Weather
  • Reminder

Samsung Bixby : Bixby Home

If you are not having the access to the voice service or it is not allowed to access in your country, you can adopt the Bixby Home. In a nutshell, this feature closely resembles the appearance and functionality of Google Now and the Google Search Pages. It will allow you to serve information, based on the areas of your interest.

Users can integrate Spotify in the Bixby Home that will keep the music ready to play. This is one of the services that you can connect with Bixby. In addition, users will be having access to services Facebook, CNN, Foursquare, Uber and Twitter.

Samsung Bixby: Home appliances & other appliances

The company holds the plan to gradually integrate Bixby to all its applications and home utility devices. In the forthcoming times, users of Samsung household appliances will be able to control the TV and Air Conditioner, using Bixby. They will simply require having access to the internet and a microphone to give the voice commands.

Bixby Pay

Samsung will probably add a technology that will enable the users to make payments, simply using the Verbal command. This feature will make it easier for the users to process and make the payment for the home utility bills as well as paying other accounts, without failing on the timeline and thus, they can save a fair extent of money that usually they require paying as a late payment penalty.

Once the key points about the AI system has been discussed, you will certainly agree to the fact that the launching of this system is going to fetch a package of benefit to the users. This system will not only make it easier for the users to easily control the modern devices, but, it will make these devices more universal, as users of all profiles will be able to use these modern devices and application. Hence, the popularity that this AI system has earned, seems to be obvious. It will be especially relevant to state that since the addition to this feature, the demand for the devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have risen significantly.

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