VLC 3.1 brings back Android Auto support, and many other new features!

When it comes to media player apps, VLC is one of my personal favorites. It has so many features that make it stand unique from others. Also, it is not only famous for PCs but also for phones. Because VLC will play whatever you will throw to it, any format any codec. It doesn’t have a much-complicated system; easy to use is another plus, and not unnecessary fluffs make you love it.

Android version of VLC is hyped just because of its PC version, and now widely used. The small factor of VLC and favorite features attract more users. Many users might compare it with the PC version, and we accept the facts that VLC Android is as not good as the PC version. But it’s hard to find the replacement of VLC Android.

About The New Features!!

Recently VLC Android launched its 3.1 version. The update might not get a big bump comparatively but has several improvements in it. About the biggest change! Now it supports Android Auto support. Now VLC will allow listening to the music on-the-go.

Another cool feature of this app is now it supports shortcut. Users using Android above 7.1 can use this shortcut features. They can access shortcuts for playlists and directories without going into the app. Now the VLC directly started supporting OTG Drives; thus far you can directly connect a flash drive and access media files.

About the drawbacks!

Now this update will only support android 4.1 and above, and it stopped supporting Android 2.x. To help Android Auto, they cut down Android 2.x and its completely okay.

Other Changes

  • Refactored subtitles downloader
  • Sorting preferences are now saved
  • A-B repeat
  • Manual orientation lock in the video player
  • Podcast detection has been improved
  • Bottom sheet style for context menus
  • Playback notification is now persistent, even when the app is closed by Android

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