How to Use Tinder Without Facebook

If you are concerned with how to use Tinder account without logging in using Facebook, this is an article just for you. Or maybe one or other friend of yours would interest to know it. I have shared all the positive and negative points that are about linking the Facebook account to Tinder. So, you may want to take some moment for it, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and read this short comprehensive article.

Tinder is the best dating app for both Android and iOS devices, that is a widely known fact. Interested people search for a location based partner via Tinder. This is a cool idea that you can find someone suitable nearby you. Since of its very introduction to the users, Tinder has gained an impressive number of users. Over 50 million download only at Gooogle Play Store says it.

A lot similar to many other websites or application, Tinder also asks for Facebook login credentials to create an account on it. Whereas some of the apps provide options to sign up using social media accounts such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc, Tinder did not provide any extra option for sign up purpose.

So a user is bound to provide his/her Facebook account credentials for creating a Tinder account. Linking Facebook account to Tinder has both positive and negative sides though.

Positive Sides of Facebook Tinder Link

As Tinder does not provide any account creation format and only rely on the facebook info, you don’t need to go through another step by step procedure to create an account on Tinder. However, Tinder may use one’s Facebook basic information in order to prevent online abuses. As most of the people have a Facebook account in this generation (Facebook is really dominating the current era), linking with Facebook account ensures the possibility of finding more and more people on Tinder. While most of the Facebook user uploads their self-images very often, one need not upload multiple photos on Tinder. Yes, one’s facial identity and appearance are important when it’s about dating.

Negative Side of Facebook Tinder Link

On Tinder, there is a setting of ‘view your contacts.’ If you tap on “Yes” button on that setting menu, Tinder will check all the member of your Facebook contact looking for a match for you. You won’t be notified during the process until it shows up with a match. There may time it can end up to an embarrassing moment.

We use Facebook for various purposes and this is nowhere similar to Tinder. If your Facebook is linked with Tinder account, this will automatically sync every photo you upload on Facebook to the Tinder account. This definitely you won’t wish to be get done.

Online privacy is a prior concern when you are looking for a date via Tinder. You don’t simply want some of your known people find your presence on Tinder for one or other reason. That’s why many of you are looking for the way to use Tinder without Facebook. So, here is how it’s done.

How to Use Tinder Without Facebook?

Truth to be told, there is no official way that you can log in to Tinder without a Facebook account. Without a Facebook account credential, no Tinder login. Which in short means, you need to link your Facebook account with Tinder.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that your Facebook friends and neighboring uncle should find your Tinder activity. To be precise, you can use Tinder without letting your Facebook friends or family aware of it. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Sign up in Tinder with your Facebook account.

Step 2: Now, tweak the Tinder App visibility from your Facebook account.

  • Go to your Facebook Account Settings.
  • Select Apps option.
  • Locate Tinder in the app list and mark it.
  • Change the App Visibility to Only Me instead of other options.

Step 3: After that, switch to your Tinder App and turn down the Tinder Social option.

  • Go to the Tinder Settings option.
  • Now turn off the “Show Me On Tinder Social” option.

Once you go through all these above procedures and done it successfully, Tinder would no longer be able to post any activity of yours on Facebook. Thus, your Facebook friends won’t find whatever you be doing on the Tinder app or so on. In a nutshell, even if you can’t use Tinder without Facebook, neither your Tinder mates won’t find your Facebook identity, nor the Facebook buddies will find that you are secretly looking for a date. Fun enough?


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