Top Tips for Mobile Optimization of Your WordPress Site

WordPress is an amazing platform that, if configured correctly, provides users with infinite possibilities. However, using the WordPress platform in a way that boosts views can be tricky for both beginners and professionals, especially because it offers so many web design options.  Nevertheless, the flexibility of WordPress is particularly appealing for mobile designs, which these days should be at the forefront of anyone’s efforts when creating a website.

People often turn to their mobile devices to access information quickly and conveniently. It doesn’t matter if your WordPress site offers dog grooming tips or explores the best places for gambling in New Jersey, visitors will want to be presented with the information in a way that’s perfectly formatted for their device.

Try out these tips for ensuring an inviting and engaging experience for mobile users visiting your WordPress site.

Use Mobile-friendly Themes

When choosing a WordPress theme, consider the needs for a mobile rendering of your site.  When done right, your choice of mobile-friendly theme isn’t just a smart solution, but one that will save you a lot of time.

Specifically, when creating your blog or website, consider the following mobile-friendly themes: Scherzo, Metro, MayaShop and Twenty Seventeen. Each of these themes features elegant, built-in mobile elements that will make your site easily navigable and professional looking.

Make Your Blog or Website Responsive

Making a WordPress blog or website responsive means that it will recognize the type of device a user is on while visiting it. The site design adapts accordingly for best presentation on the device, whether it’s mobile, laptop or PC. This responsive feature is automatic, which saves you time, expense and energy in your web design.

Most WordPress themes are responsive by default, but you can make sure you’re choosing a responsive theme by browsing through “responsive” categories the next time you select a new theme.

The significance of having a responsive website is critically important for sites hosting interactive content. Whether it’s the augmented reality of Pokémon GO or the captivating, real-life experience of blackjack offered by gaming leader of game, mobile users flock towards interactive content on their devices. Remember, your WordPress site is competing for attention against every other interactive app and site out there, and you must fulfill the expectations of your visitors.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Plugins

Using plugins will prevent many headaches in your quest to optimize your WordPress site for mobile presentation. Essentially, they’re a simple and easy way to provide visitors with a superior experience while maintaining simplicity in design.

Plugins can also be used for many functions on your WordPress site, and are not limited to mobile enhancement. Explore the available plugins and make note of the ones that best suit the needs of your site and users.

Of course, employing plugins for mobile web design functionality is one of the best decisions you can make when constructing your WordPress site. Just make sure you choose your plugins wisely. Although using basic ones for mobile websites will often be sufficient, this will only be the case when getting your site off the ground. Plugin packs such as the WordPress Mobile Pack makes it easy to grab all the mobile plugins you need in one bundle.

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Simplify Graphics, Images, Pop-ups, and Text

None of the visual aspects of your WordPress site should be overly elaborate or complex if you want to present a successful mobile version. They might look amazing on a desktop web page, but they will likely not appear as stunning on a mobile rendered site.

Therefore, minimalism is a key concept to keep in mind as you consider the design of your mobile site or blog. Besides the annoying and cumbersome visual overload of a cramped phone screen, using graphics that are too elaborate will make loading times skyrocket, which will discourage users from visiting your site on their mobile devices.

Remember, a simple design does not mean an unprofessional looking one! WordPress offers plenty of beautiful and practical tools that are both minimalistic and professional.

If you know your WordPress site will be mostly visited by mobile users, make sure that the text is readable at a small viewing size. This means your language should be direct, snappy and succinct.

The smaller screen size of mobile devices will affect your user experience, and writing large chunks of text can be difficult to navigate, dissuading users from fully exploring your content.  Keep your sentences short and your paragraphs clean. Leave plenty of whitespace between text portions, and your mobile WordPress site will benefit.

WordPress has become a platform that is used on tablets and smartphones as much as laptops and PCs. Staying focused on your site theme, responsiveness, plugin use and simplicity of design will ensure visitors get the best mobile experience possible when viewing and interacting with the content. After all, you want as many people to see what you’ve worked so hard to put out into the world!

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