Top Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternative Sites 2018

We can see the various advantage of wayback alternative. We can see in the recent scenario that wayback machine has been used by million of users. It has the very nice benefit that the users can view the deleted information of the sites. So now most of the people are depended upon the way machine and are using it properly.

Wayback Machine let you compete with the competitor in business as well as it will help you to improve the business strategy. Wayback Machine helps you to view the web history in a simple way. Users are able to an archived version of the web page. So this helps users to archive the whole internet. So you can have the deleted information from your website by using the wayback machine.

By using the wayback machine you can receive the proficiency and can have the reliable function of sites. Now the whole world is using the internet, but while using the internet you can have the search for the wayback machine alternative. You can learn how to use wayback in your business and features of an alternative. It will be best for your business and other concern also.

Ways of Using Wayback Machine

We can get the different methods for using the Wayback machine but we can tell you the simple way of using it. You can visit the page of Wayback Machine. In the address bar, you have to write the correct details on it and choose the enter button.

After having the enter button you will see the information appearing on your screen which contains saving information about this website. Users can have the search on the internet by typing how to use wayback machine after that you will see the archive websites quickly.

We can list you the Best Five Wayback Machine Alternative:


      Screenshots are one of the best wayback machine alternatives which help users to know the details about the particular website worked on past.  Wayback machine helps users to restore the sites and other records with the help of screenshots. The functions of the screenshot are based on the database domain. Screenshots have the many features which are listed out below.

  • Comes up with the simple interface
  • Screenshots wayback machine helps us to keep accurate storage
  • Easy to use alternative
  • Easy for user to learn the records and other information quickly.

So, screenshots help the user to record according to the sites is upgraded. The screenshot is one of the best alternatives for the users whose wayback machine is not working is one of the best alternatives for the wayback machine. alternative gives the smoothly functioning of the users? famous among the people because it has the nice feature like proper functioning, user-friendly and quick navigation. has the nice feature that it contains the two search bar.

  • Users can visit the archive website at any time if users want
  • Users can utilize the small detail
  • is gives the good navigation process
  • Users can explore for any domain and get a snapshot of the domain.

Users will not feel boring after using this alternative wayback machine. gives the best feature to download the report  and screenshot of the content.

Competitor Screenshot

Competitor screenshot is also one of the best alternatives for the wayback machine. Users can get the regular screenshots of the websites, social media and campaign by using the Competitor Screenshot.  Inorder to access to this wayback machine, first you have to register to the sites and can enjoy the feature of competitor screenshot. Competitor Screenshot is one of the trusting wayback machines that the users can easily use to get the screenshot websites. So to use the feature of it users have to first register to the sites and can enjoy the feature of it.


iTools is one of the simple and best wayback machine alternatives for the users to archive the website tools. When user required the record then they can easily get the information. iTools Wayback Machine uses the Alexa database for storing the details.  Users can access the popular website and are the best way to boost up your sites also.


Pagefreezer gives the good accessibility to the users. Pagefreezer has the full functionality of its performance. Pagefreezer helps users to full boost the websites. By using this Pagefreezer, users can easily access the archived websites. So to know the better feature of this alternative machine users can visit the website of this machine.


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