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Are you looking for VoIP Calling App? Here, you can find free app to make calls with your mobile phone. This article will help you to find the best mobile VOIP calling service provider at all time.

VoIP, do you have any idea about VoIP? I’ll tell you, VoIP is known as Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP Mobile App giving you the opportunity to get connects with your friend who is located around the world with most easily and affordable ways. In simple, VoIP Calling App is connecting the world by easy and smart way, so you can save you money and time also.

How Does VoIP Mobile App Works?

VoIP on Mobile Phone’s can works with you mobile phone’s internet server like 3G, 4G, GSM etc. When you proceed to call you friend via VoIP Calling App, that time VoIP App will use you internet server to send voice call as digital signal over IP technology. VoIP Mobile Phone can also use the Wi-Fi connection to reduce you calling cost of your internet data plan.

VoIP on Mobile Phone can get the benefit of lower cost while calling to another country, texting and other digital activity with you mobile phone. In VoIP Calling App, digital data transmission performs faster than other app, because data is situated all over the world, so it will take easy route connects you faster with your friends.

With the best mobile VoIP provider, user can get the more flexibility in calling than the regular cellular plan service provider. VoIP Mobile App user can make unlimited calls and message without any expense via IP technology at any time.

Top 10 Best Mobile VoIP Service Provider

Here is the full list of best mobile VoIP Provider


VoIP Calling App

Skype is the one of most popular VoIP Calling App of a decade. Nowdays, Skype App is the only VoIP service provider which is dominating the world with its best video and voice calling service. Talking about the calling quality, Skype is excellent in calling and also it’s easy to make call Skype to Skype.

Skype user can send quick messages and free calls other at a low cost. The best part about VoIP App Skype is that it’s available free to download and also do not need any monthly charges of app. Well, Skype is now owned by Microsoft, so Skype- a VoIP Calling App is now integrated with windows 10.

Rebtel App

VoIP Calling App

Rebtel is now getting positive response from its users and enjoying large amount of success. Rebtle VoIP Calling App can provide a most affordable ways to make voice calls and SMS using wireless internet connection. Rebtel App users do not need to pay charges and balance at all. Well, Rebtel VoIP Android App is very famous app for those who used to travel country to country mostly, so it will help then to do not use cellular data which can be more costly.

Google Hangouts

VoIP Calling App

Google Hangout firstly made for only chat, after facing too much competition in market. Google has added more features in Google Hangout App, Google has added voice calling and video calling to landline in Google Hangout App. Most of calls in US are free and some rates are differing from country to country which can star with single penny to more than dollar.

Recently, Google Hangout App is avail for Android phones, so Hangout user will get default to the Google’s chat without use of SMS. VoIP Calling App Hangout is now also available for the desktop via Chrome, Chrome OS device and in iPhone.

Tango VoIP App

VoIP Calling App

Nowdays, Tango- a VoIP App is rolling in the VoIP market and competing with some best VoIP App like Skype. Tango App is also works like Skype, it will help user to make free video and voice call with faster speed and easiest way to connect. Google has recently officially release Tango App on Play Store.

Google Voice

VoIP Calling App

Google Voice is the only VoIP app which is current famous for the Business purpose and personal purpose. Through the Google Voice, you can easily and instantly send SMS and make voice call to the other Google Voice user all around the world without any cost.

Well, Google Voice is like other Google App which is integrated with your Google Account and allow to share your secrete with your friend around the world. VoIP servicer Google Voice is mostly used for the business purposes.


VoIP Calling App

Viber is basically known for its excellent call quality. We can say Viber is the perfect VoIP app for those who are searching ordinary call quality. The great thing about the Viber VoIP mobile app is that it will run in background, so it saves the battery level of your phone. So, this background running feature in Viber can help you to know who is calling you when you busy in other app.

Vonage App

VoIP Calling App

If you are living in US, you must have known about Vonage. Because Vonage is the only best VoIP provider in the United States. Vonage is the one of top VoIP mobile service provider for home, small business and business. Vonage offer good call quality with standard plan of $10 monthly which cover all you mobile and landline calls in the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Vonage will provide you an adaptor box or a traditional landline telephone headset and mobile app which allow users to receive and make calls from Vonage numbers. Vonage also provide special feature of SimulRing and Call Hunt which can use for multi-purpose like number blocking, three-way calling, and call forwarding etc. That’s why Vonage is the best VoIP mobile provider in US.

Fring App

VoIP Calling App

Fring is comparatively the new VoIP App which allows users to make its own favorite buddy list and chat with more than one people at same time. Fring is mostly famous for free group video calling feature. Fring VoIP App is free download to iPhone and Nokia Symbian. Fring can be used when it connected to a 3G, 4G and wireless connection.

WiCall VoiP App

VoIP Calling App

WiCall is the only cheapest VoIP service national and international calls. WiCall VoIP calling app most off differ from the other VoIP Applications, there you doesn’t need internet connection to make calla and SMS. Well, WiCall is a prepaid mobile wireless telephone service with no plan and no contract. If you don’t have cash to call still need to chat with your friend then WiCall is the only way to connect with your friends.

GrooVe IP Lite App

VoIP Calling App

GrooVe IP VoIP Calls & Text is the Android app for the people are who have their friends and family in Canada. GrooVe IP Lite VoIP Calling App will allow users to make free unlimited calls and SMS to any mobile number in North America with a wireless Internet connection.

Currently, updated version of GrooVe IP Lite for those people who don’t want advertisement, he will have to pay monthly for that new update.

 VoIP Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone:

  • iTel Mobile Dialer
  • Skylar Lite
  • Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire
  • Mobile VoIP Dialer
  • Shifatel – Mobile VoIP Dialer.
  • fring (also Symbian)
  • 3CXPhone (also Windows)
  • BBee
  • mobileVOIP (also Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows)
  • FonB –
  • Libon
  • Line2
  • Vyke (also Symbian, Blackberry)
  • netTALK (also Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows)
  • FriendCaller
  • Bobsled
  • Vopium
  • Truphone
  • Octro
  • Optima Dialer
  • Optima Free Dialer
  • Acrobits
  • A2Billing SIP Dialer
  • Skuku (also Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows)
  • Talkonaut (also Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows)
  • Raketu (also Blackberry and Windows)
  • Voxofon (also Blackberry and Windows)
  • MO-Call (also Blackberry and Windows)
  • Nimbuzz (also Blackberry and Windows)
  • Bria
  • Media5-fone
  • Mobisip
  • Vippie Mobile (also Blackberry and Windows)
  • Localphone
  • Sipmobile

Well, this all are the best mobile VoIP provider until now. Choice is all yours. As per my experience about the VoIP Calling App, I would love to use Skype and Google Hangout. This both VoIP App is good for those who don’t want spent money on other new system for VoIP calling. There also Vonage is the best if you are home users, if you want complete VoIP and better international conversation then you must choose Skype.

I hope this article can help you to choose the best VoIP service for your plans, if you need any suggestion and face any problem with it they don’t hesitate to ask us.

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