The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protectors

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protectors: The Galaxy Note 8 is supposed to be a big rival to the iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus. With a gorgeous design, incredible 6.3-inch screen, great software and excellent stylus, Note 8 is a huge success for Samsung. The Galaxy Note 8 is a pretty marvelous phone, but it’s not really the most durable phone out there because it’s made almost entirely of glass. Both the front and back are coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 5, still not going to protect your phone from scratches and drops over a time. As a Note 8 user, you may want to keep its screen in pristine condition, but you should pick up only those screen protectors that perfectly fit the curve of the Galaxy Note 8. A screen protector will help to keep your Galaxy Note 8 in a like-new condition better than anything else.

There are several styles of Note 8 screen protectors available in the market. Some are cheap films while others are expensive tempered glass screen protector. Also, we have found some screen protectors that use a liquid UV curing process for an easy and perfect installation. Some screen protectors use high-quality technology offering enough protection against drops and accidental falls so that you can you’re your phone look nice and new. Whereas others secure your display from minor scuff and scratches, but even it is better than nothing. In this post, we put together the list of best Note 8 screen protectors to keep your display fully covered and preserve your phone in like-new condition.

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  1. Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

Our first recommendation is the Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector. The Whitestone Dome Glass uses a special UV machine and a sticky liquid during installation that manages to achieve full-screen adhesion where other screen protectors might only stick around the edges. As it is tempered glass, it ensures to protect your Note 8 from scratches, scrapes, and drops, and the glue makes it safely shatter-proof.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

This company sends you a box including a screen protector, easy installation tray, a liquid for the application, and a UV curing light. These protectors are easy to install and work great which makes them one of the best and popular screen protector for your Note 8. Most importantly, it’s tough enough to protect your phone’s screen from drops and accidental falls. It is quite expensive, but if money is no barrier, then this screen protector is one of the best you can get.

You can buy it now on Amazon for $45.

  1. Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector

Another best screen protector in this list and the first choice, if you’re looking for a screen protector made of TPU film instead of tempered glass, is Spigen NeoFlex. It is made of soft, self-healing TPU that provides great protection against scratches and scrapes. The NeoFlex film can absorb impact from drops and other situations, but it may not save the screen from a huge fall.

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector

Here, you will get two screen protector, a solution spray, a silicone squeeze, a dust removal sticker, and an installation guide. And all these essentials are needed to perfectly apply this screen protector to your Galaxy Note 8. Spigen is a simple ‘full-coverage film’ that promises a bubble-free, rainbow-free installation using a wet application method. It also claims 99.9% clarity, and even compatible with cases. Since it comes in the twin pack, if the first one runs out you can easily switch out for the new one from the box, or its lifetime warranty nets you a free replacement.

You can pick up this screen protector from Amazon for $8.99.

  1. IQ Shield LiquidSkin

IQ Shield LiquidSkin is another solid option for Galaxy Note 8 screen protector. This is a flexible film screen protector that only leaves a fraction of a millimeter gap around the edge of the screen, the screen protectors are cheap but very effective. Unlike other common screen protectors, IQ Shield LiquidSkin protectors are crafted using a revolutionary process that supports response sensitivity and non-yellowing.

IQ Shield LiquidSkin Screen Protector

LiquidSkin will not protect your screen from cracking after a big drop but made for everyday items that can potentially scuff and scratch your Galaxy Note 8’s display. The screen protector features Smart Film, a self-healing technology that lets the tempered glass recover from minor scratches without you having to do anything. It is a wet-install method and backed by a lifetime warranty. You will be satisfied with this product.

It is available for just $7.85 on Amazon.

  1. amFilm Tempered Glass screen protector

Tempered glass is preferred by most people for its reliability and resiliency, and amFilm has created a budget-friendly screen protector for Galaxy Note 8 users. It is a curved tempered glass screen protector that covers the entire front of the phone and deliver full edge-to-edge protection. amFilm provides an easy install tray that makes the entire process simple, just drop it into the display, press your fingers along the sides for the tight seal and you’re all done.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Being tempered glass-based, this screen protector will protect your Galaxy Note 8 whenever it hits the floor. It scores 9H on the hardness scale and measures 0.03mm thick but maintain complete touch sensitivity. This tempered glass screen protector is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, give it a try today.

You can order this screen protector for just $12.

  1. BodyGuardz Pure Arc Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Another trusted name when it comes to quality tempered glass screen protector is BodyGuardz. It is an ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector, but when it comes to protection of display nothing can beat the functionality, feel, and clarity of this glass. It is made from ion fortified tempered glass exceeding the hardness of steel making it strongest glass protection in the industry. The adhesive around the edges of the screen protector means that you will need to make sure to apply pressure not on the center but around the edges.

BodyGuardz Pure Arc Tempered Glass

The kit comes with a unit of tempered glass screen protector, microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol cleaner, and installation instructions. While the price is high, this screen protector protects your Note 8’s display from scratch and impact, as well as their lifetime replacement service,  makes it one of the best. Plus, BodyGuardz comes with a built-in privacy filter, so great option for those who hate strangers snooping at their screen. And it is compatible with cases too.

The customers can buy one now from Amazon at $39.95.

  1. Skinomi TechSkin Film Screen Protector

Skinomi TechSkin uses a wet application like the Spigen NeoFlex and Skinomi boasts that it has improved the wet installation process, promising an error-free installation. It also uses a clear UV coating to prevent yellowing of the protector and has the self-healing factor just like other screen protectors. The TechSkin is designed to absorb impact and is resistant to scratches, punctures.

Skinomi TechSkin Film Screen Protector

Basically, they use an easy and fool-proof liquid installation process without any bubbles, and also significantly reduces the dust, oil, and fingerprint smudges. It’s a two-pack, so you don’t have to worry about installation because if the first one runs out you can replace by next one from the box. If all the glass fails, you can get these because they aren’t made of glass.

Skinomi TechSkin Film Screen Protector is available on Amazon just for $7.85.

  1. Zagg InvisibleShield HD Film Protector

Zagg is the oldest one in the market, consistently producing the great screen protectors for different types of phones. InvisibleShield screen protectors are manufactured from military-grade materials that provide excellent protection to your screen. It is slim, easy to apply, and extremely strong screen protector. The InvisibleShield also has self-healing properties, protector heal from scratches and dings over and over.

Zagg InvisibleShield Film Protector

The Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector keeps your device’s screen three times as safe as unprotected screens as well as supports advanced clarity. It also offers a lifetime warranty, if your InvisibleShield HD Film screen protector ever runs out or shows signs of scratches, you can easily replace it. I have used this screen protector for my Galaxy Note 8, and it’s the great one, just give it a try.

You can buy one now from Amazon at $20.

  1. SUPCASE Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Basically, SUPCASE is known for their protective cases, but recently they are also producing some quality screen protector for many devices. The SUPCASE screen protector designed for Note 8 is slim with 0.3mm thick and packs a 9H hardness rating. It includes all the essentials needed to successfully install a screen protector on your Note 8’s display.

SUPCASE Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The best thing about this screen protector is that it comes in two-pack and cost only $10, meaning $5 for each unit which is quite less as compared to most of this list. While SUPCASE may lack lifetime replacement warranty, they come in two-pack so that you can easily replace if the first one shows off. This screen protector is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 only.

You can get this screen protector on Amazon for $10.

  1. Ringke Invisible Defender Film Screen Protector

Another option for film-lovers is Ringke Invisible Defender Film Screen Protector. This film protectors boasts a multilayer design to enhance the touch-sensitivity and also includes self-healing TPU. It is manufactured from the highest quality urethane material with optical enhanced film for crystal clear protection of your Note 8’s screen. This is one of the cheapest film protectors for your Galaxy Note 8.

Ringke Invisible Defender Film Screen Protector

We can see that some screen protectors cover just the screen, but the Invisible Defender also covers the sides of the phone and also includes precise cutouts for the side buttons. It includes two full coverage front screen protectors, microfiber cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker, squeegee card, and installation guide. If you have decided to go for a case-friendly screen protector, this is the great one.

The customers can buy this screen protector on Amazon just for $7.99.

  1. LK Flexible TPU Screen Protectors

Last but not least is the LK Flexible TPU Screen Protectors. LK offers the best value with three-pack of screen protectors made of TPU and PET materials that are scratch resistant protecting your display from daily scrapes and abrasions. It is a dry installation, so no need to mess with messy spray while applying the screen protector. This screen protector offers a full edge to edge coverage even on the curved device without adding any bulk to your phone.

LK Flexible TPU Screen Protector

LK Flexible TPU Screen Protectors is a high definition transparency film with 95% HD Clarity provides total clarity and maximum resolution. LK also backs their screen protectors with a lifetime warranty and no-hassle replacement which is great. Since this screen protector comes in three-pack you can replace the box whenever you mess up while installing.

You can get this great screen protector just for $7.99, it means under $3 for each unit.

These are the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. All the screen protectors mentioned above are best in their own way, you can choose any of these according to your budget or personality. And please let us know how you get these screen protector after using it.

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