Take Me To A Useless Website – 30+ Most Useless Websites On Internet

Take Me To A Useless Website : Internet is built to help people find information on various things. That is not all since people are now connected through internet from one part to another part of the world. But there must be some times when your boredom has reached top level and you need to do something utterly useless to relax. It does sound odd but you can definitely locate at least 30 useless websites that can help you find 2 minutes break from tough office work or studies.

Take Me To A Useless Website – 30+ Most Useless Websites On Internet

  1. Bacon Sizzling: You will see an image with sizzling bacon and the sound of it.
  2. Watching Grass Grow: You will find live updates on growing grass from a particular angle.
  3. PointerPointer: You have to place your cursor on any part of the website then leave it for few seconds. An image will show which will point at the cursor you left unmoved.
  4. Emotional Penguins: Penguins love your cursor. After you drag and place one penguin to a part of the website they all start following it.
  5. Blank: Yes the website’s name is Blank and the webpage is completely blank.
  6. Falling Falling: You will experience a roller coaster effect on yourself after visiting this website. Everything is falling.
  7. Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things: Kim Jong-Il is watching things like fish tanks, red buckets, corn and also his son Kim Jong-Un.
  8. Paper Toilet: The toilet paper will keep on rolling. Go to its bottom if you have the time.
  9. That’s the Finger: You get to choose the finger. You are in control, of what exactly?
  10. Falling Guy: Save the guy from falling to endless pit or up to the sky.
  11. Slap Kirk: Fans of Star Trek will definitely feel about the website’s existence.
  12. What’s My Starbucks Name? Get your Starbucks cup with best possible misspelling of your name on it.
  13. Pay for Nothing: This website is grand when you like to regret on your wasteful online shopping experience.
  14. How to Spell Definitely: This website will teach how to spell definitely.
  15. YourNameinGum: You will need to pick a gum and then enter your name to find most weird way to write with gums. Really a very good useless website on internet which you will enjoy.
  16. Patience is a Virtue: This website is challenging your patience.This is really one of the most useless website on the internet. It really is.
  17. Download more RAM: It is built for people believing RAM can be downloaded.
  18. PleaseDonate: Dare to donate with absolutely no information on why this donation was made?
  19. Make Everything Ok: A website where you can click OK for every mess you have done.
  20. Sad for Japan: There is no explanation on how this horrible creature in the middle screen is related to Japan’s sadness.
  21. Last Page of Internet: It claims to offer something that will let you think twice on your internet addiction.
  22. Ducks are the Best: If you like ducks then this website is for you. One of the useless website on the internet that you need to visit.
  23. Shake the Worm: Shake the worm and make it angry. It will follow your cursor.
  24. This is Sand: You have to pour colorful sand only.
  25. Koalastothemax: Create smaller circles that will reveal something at the end. When you don’t have anything to do type  “Take Me To A Useless Website – 30+ Most Useless Websites On Internet
  26. com: Find out if your computer is on or not?
  27. Hooooo: Say Hoooooooo! One of the website that comes under the most useless website on the internet. This useless website says HOOOOOOO and Heeyyyyyyyy .
  28. Scanwiches: Scan the chemistry between breads in sandwiches.
  29. Into Time: The colors are going to relax your mind. Into time is one of the most useless website on internet but it is still useful.
  30. Taghua! Reset this page for amazing and unique art on Sakura tree.

After trying these websites you will learn the usefulness/uselessness of their existence.

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