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Are you looking for an app which is excellent in downloading music? Well, there are many such apps which can help you do so.

But among all, the Spotify can be referred to as the best one among the apps. This app can help you even to download the songs even when you are offline. Moreover, they give you the option for unlimited music without those annoying ads interrupting the songs.

So they give you just what you want- music, unlimited, no disturbance.

But how will I get it on my device?

All about the exciting Spotify

Yes, to help you in this process, I have shared this article with you. Today we will be discussing the Spotify premium APK download. This would give you all the features of the Spotify and allow you to enjoy the music.

Official Spotify is not free and so it restricts many features. But we can easily overcome those restrictions with the premium APK 8.4 version. This app is almost available for any device. Let’s have an overview of the Spotify premium apk app:

Spotify, a popular app for the music lover is restricted at many places for its various limitations.  To overcome such issues of the official Spotify, the premium apk version has been launched. It is successful to just overcome the restrictions and help you get the access of all the features of the Spotify. Thus the online music app actually gives you the access to various options of music which you can enjoy.

Features of the Spotify app of android

Spotify can help you in listening music a better experience. This is only possible with the various features of the Spotify. You can come over the various features of the Spotify 8.4 mod latest version. I have made a list of them to make you aware of them. Have a look at all those features:

  1. The primary features which are important for the music lover are that Spotify helps you get unlimited downloading. Favorite songs can be many. So either stores them or download the songs that you love to hear. Even it can be shared with anyone.
  2. With the music listening options, you can also get the shuffling, seeking and even repeating options in default with it. So you are getting the premium services of the Spotify.
  3. Listening to a song and getting disturbed by the ads? It’s quite annoying. Here Spotify is the one which can help to ignore those ads. The interface that Spotify share is fully ad-free. This feature has been launched very recently.
  4. Last, well that obviously not the least, is the user-friendly interface. This would encourage the users to use them again and again and come back again. Many shortcuts are there which can give you an easier usage.

So it I shaving all useful features that need to be access for the music lovers.

How the Spotify app can be accessed on my device?

Now to get the apk premium version of the Spotify you have to download it and install it. Not all of us are experts over the technicalities of the mobile or the other devices. In that case we all need guidance.

To help you out in such things, I have mentioned a stepwise guidance for the new starters. Follow these steps and they are very simple to do it. This process is the no root one.

To undergo the download of the app, the application for the android can be downloaded. The updated link has been provided by the official website. You can also get it from other websites too.

But remember that there are many websites which are fake. They may claim that they are providing the link of the Spotify, but those links may contain malicious virus and bugs affecting the system or the device. So beware about the link that you are clicking for the download of the app. I would suggest you to get the link from the official website.

Technical details of the app

The apk premium version is fully free and helps you to get advanced to the premium level of the app. Here is the technical detail of the app for your information:

Name of the app: Spotify premium

Size of the app: 35 MB

The version of the app: 8.4

Updated last on October 2017

Android version required: android 4.1 and above

The developer of the app: Spotify

Total installation done: 120,000,000+

Ratings: 12+

Stepwise guide to download the file and install it

This would help you in getting all the details of the device on which you will be loading the app.

Now we will be coming to the installation part:

  1. Download the app form the official website. Click on the link providing the Spotify latest apk file. The downloaded file is in zip file and should be extracted. Remember, that if you are having any other version of the Spotify then you have to uninstall it and then reinstall it again.
  2. Now get the Spotify apk file from the device. Find out the locations to install the apk file. You must grant permission to any allowance that is required for the installation.
  3. Now start the installation process. Wait for few minutes and let the installation is complete.
  4. After the installation process is complete, you need to open an account with it. The best part which would make you happy is that the entire things does not demand any bucks.
  5. Now with the Spotify account, you can do anything that you want- download, surf, share or even stream. Spotify premium apk file let you do everything that you want.

Few tips to avoid any unwanted issue of Spotify usage

So isn’t it very easy way to enjoy the music that you want. The installation process is so simple that anyone can do it. But many a time people face many issues which I have already answered you. This would help you to get extra support to get the app.

  • Connectivity for the Spotify.

You can connect through any connectivity- modem, wifi or even the data enabled connectivity. But remember you should at least have 384 KBPS connectivity speed. In case you ask for the standard one, it is 512 KBPS. This would not disturb you with any interruption in connectivity. So have this in a note of you when you are connecting Spotify.

  • Playlist of the Spotify.

I have noticed that many people ask out whether the playlist made on the Spotify will be deleted or not? Well it will not be deleted. The created playlist on the app will be saved on it and will again appear when you reopen it. So you can enjoy them again when you visit Spotify. Leave the worries and start making your favorite playlists in Spotify. It will be there as you created it.

  • The version of the app

Well, talking about the version of the app, it is the latest one and also the premium one too. The link that is used is the Mod version and is free to use. This version is well taken as the premium version.

But in any case you want to buy the paid one; you can buy the premium version from the developer too.

  • The legal side of the app

Worrying about whether it’s legal or not? Well, this app which is being installed by you is fully legal. There is no chance I would share anything illegal with you and make you use the pirated one.

  • How can I set the password to Spotify?

Many people ask out this question to protect their playlists. Resetting password or setting it for the first time can be done easily. Just log in with the email id and username.

  • Can any android device run Spotify?

Well, why not? It is for the Android smartphones and Spotify runs on almost every one of them. But you have to keep in mind the version of the android that is supported by the app. It should be a minimum of 4.1 and above. The latest one will support it more accurately.

Spotify has made the music experience fine and ultimate in android devices. Many people are having it now for enjoying the music.

Wrapping up the article

The Spotify that we have discussed till now is actually the mod version. Though it is not the official app. Still, it is legal and gives you all the features in the premium version.

Even after having this, if the Spotify is not supported then you must take the help of the VPN. With the support of the virtual network, you can easily download it and get the installation done.

Hope that this article is quite helpful for you. Don’t wait anymore, just follow the steps and get the Spotify right now. If you are facing any further issue in getting it, let us know. Share the issue on the comment box and I would try my level best to solve them.



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