How to upload saved Pictures and videos to Snapchat

You can now upload a saved pictures to your iPhone, Android app  snapchat, really it now unlocks all new trophies, and make a new story to share your friends easily so how can you create and upload saved Pictures and videos to Snapchat.

If you have looking for the how to upload saved Pictures to Snapchat or How to upload saved videos to Snapchat, is not difficult, let’s try how? if you have captured a lot’s new memories and then You can upload photos or videos to Snapchat from your camera roll as well. Here, we will get to know about performing a snap upload, precisely how to upload videos (and photos) to Snapchat from your camera roll.

How to upload saved Pictures and videos to Snapchat

Here, we can see the how to upload gallery Pictures and videos to snapchat…

Step 1: Launch Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android device.

upload pictures to snapchat

Step 2: Next to see the camera screen like below…

snapchat upload from gallery

Step 3: After take Pictures or upload the Pictures and videos to your story or snaps.

Step 4: Upload saved Pictures and videos to just navigate the two round icons on the snap screen at the bottom of the screen like, see the below image.

 upload pictures to snapchat

Step 5: Now, we have needed to tap on the smaller one round icon.

Step 6: Then swipe left and choose your favorite Pictures and videos from the gallery.

how to upload pictures to snapchat

Now you can see the all your snaps to available on the gallery and swipe left to head into the camera roll from snaps section.

Step 7: After, Tap to Edit at the bottom of the screen And apply new filters, drawings, or optimize the look of your picture.

 snap upload

Step 8: Now make a new story and also add a caption or selected friends to send your snap.

 how to upload videos to snapchat

Step 9: Tap on Send icon at the bottom of the right corner.

 snapchat upload

Step 10: All Done.

Now, enjoy the all new camera roll captured picture and videos easy to upload. You may also notice that some of the photos and videos you decide to upload to Snapchat look different than the ones you take directly through the app. For example, some may appear cropped with black edges all around them. This app very different to the other apps and very enjoyable to like new snaps to captures, new effects on videos and also very enjoyable is called snapchat filter; really it’s amazing and makes a new ways to look different.

also, I can help to use these new filter features on your new snaps here how to use snapchat filters all new snap features to guide. If you have any query then comment on below section.

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