Samsung plans to eliminate flat screen in Galaxy S devices

If someone asked you “who is the biggest mobile seller company of the world?” my answer will be Samsung. Yes, Samsung is the only company which has more of regular mobile customer in the world. This company come up time to time with new product and hit the world. Samsung is always being the first mover in the market and its latest innovation of first develop the edge display into smartphone. Samsung had recently launched its Galaxy Note 7 with one variant and dual curved edge display. Samsungs latest 6th-gen Galaxy Note 7 device has largest sale ever and break some records along the way.

Talking about some experiments of Samsung, the first experiment started when company has come up with first curved display in 2014 with released of Galaxy Note Edge smartphone. This device has curved display on its right side, but it can’t hit public’s hearts. Next device is Galaxy S6 Edge a curved display on both sides left and right, and Samsung succeed to sell maximum units of this smartphone. And then Galaxy S7 Edge have same predecessor and make better sale than the Galaxy S6 Edge. Recently Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 7 with dual edge display with one variant.

Recently Samsung’s mobile head Dong-jin Koh said that “Samsung has considered that it would make the edge display as the identity of the Galaxy S smartphone lineup if the company can provide consumer differentiated use experience through software and user-friendly functions.” Samsung unveiled the flagship Galaxy S7 together the Galaxy S7 Edge this year by option of our choice. He also added that the present technology needs more advanced software and hardware to support curved display. The foldable screen were used in CES 2011 will take more time to became a reality and hit the world.

It is not guaranteed that Samsung is dropping the flat screen model phone, but the proof is saying that company will launch the next flagship with only one variant as like Galaxy Note 7. We may get Galaxy S8 Edge variant only next year just similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this year. The company have launch of Galaxy Note 7 in India on August 11.

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