Samsung may DITCH Physical buttons in Note 10!

Technology connects us as never before, and after experiencing an era of innovations Samsung’s next rumored launch of Galaxy Note 10 has added a bit of nostalgia among the users. As per the reports, the new Samsung note 10 is likely to abandon physical buttons, which has become the spot of great interest.

Something New About Note 10!

Note 10

After a long – wait Samsung’s rumored launch of Galaxy Note 10 is likely to happen by the end of August 2019. The much-awaited Upcoming Note series may have a Fold’s technology, an apparent in-display fingerprint scanner, high-quality camera and much more. As per the rumors, this new Note 10 is Samsung’s first phone that would not have hardware buttons.

New Idea From Samsung Hit or Flop, But Well Shot!

Till now many leading mobile companies have tried to come up with this idea, but it hasn’t resulted in a successful experience. And Samsung has become the center of attraction in the mobile industry after its rumored launch of Note series with no buttons feature. Rumors also say that the Note 10 will have the super fast 12 GB Ram chips which are more than expected. As now the use of 8 GB of RAM was the super fast technology. But this news about 12 GB RAM is just insane and beyond thoughts that Samsung has come up with.
The life of a phone is based on its battery power, and there is news that this new phone may have the super fast charging battery life. Samsung has been working on a new graphene battery that could replace the standard Li-Ion. This technology will increase the charging power to 5 times faster than the technology used today.

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Little More About Note 10!

The Galaxy Note series always have the larger screen, and so we should expect that the display of upcoming Note 10 will be larger than the show of Galaxy s10. The rumors in the air also talk about the camera and build quality. They are talking about the camera we can expect dual high-quality front cameras with four high-quality back cameras which would give you a whole new experience of clicking pictures. It’s still unknown that both the front cameras will be usable or one will only be there as a depth sensor.
The increasing demand for new technology phones has raised the need for this new launch. As the Galaxy Note series always comes up with something innovative, which has increased the hopes for Note 10. Rumors say that the Samsung Note 10 could have an entirely new generation of the processor which will almost change your mobile experience. In the era, where we are ready for the 5G production this launch can add glory to it. The new version of Note 10 may bring a revolution in the mobile industry with its impressive new features.

Expected in Mid-August!

Every year, mobile companies try to bring something new for the users and this year Samsung has already taken the leading place of inter for this Upcoming Note series.
So, now we can expect for a whole new experience of something that will set an example of technology and innovation!!!

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