Samsung Introduces SamsungOne Fonts

Samsung Introduces SamsungOne Fonts: A universal typeface dubbed SamsungOne was recently announced by the South Korean giant a few days ago. The new font will be applied to all of their products including refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, smartphones, TVs, laptops, watches, tablets, wearables, microwaves, and ovens. The new development is aimed at bringing a uniformed identity to all Samsung products, irrespective of nationality and location which will ultimately help the Samsung brand gain more recognition.

This is not the first time that a tech company will dabble into creating a customized font, San Francisco and the Roboto font family were created by Apple and Google respectively. A design outfit, Brody Associates in collaboration with other specialists from the typography industry helped with the hand-made font design. The font presents a clean interface, making the experience more engaging to the user.

Apart from the wide array of Samsung products and brand platforms, it will also be used in the nearest future for billboards, posters and various adverts. The company stated that the new font is not a stand-alone font, but “a family of scripts covering 26 writing systems, more than 400 languages, and over 25,000 glyphs, creating a truly global typeface.”

Five basic typographic characteristics and principles were followed during the design and, they include that SamsungOne will aim to be Human, Distinctive, Legible/Scalable, Balanced, Ownable, Expert, Durable and Universal.

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These core values will ensure that the font remains accessible, reliable, innovative and contemporary. Achieving all will take some time as we don’t expect it to be an overnight success, it’s really worth looking forward to.

The unique font combines calligraphic details with single-width stroke, resulting in a fluid and flowing font and, it looks similar to the original Android font, Droid Sans, only with slight modifications.

It has special features such as distinctive diacritics; the tail on l and prominent dots infuse legibility to the font, giving the DNA a sophisticated design. Designers made sure that the font was well put together while letterforms were specifically designed to work functionally at small sizes, and dynamically at large sizes.

For now, no one knows when users will start accessing the fonts globally, although there are speculations that it should be available very soon for existing users. Samsung’s flagship device, Galaxy Note 7 which will be unveiled on the 2nd of August in New York may have the new feature already installed on it upon release. The company on its own is yet to release any official statement.

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