Samsung gear sport and gear iconx 2018: prices, speficcations and release dates


Samsung gear sport and gear iconx 2018  :Samsung finally declared that their enhanced Gear IconX 2018 (known as Iconx ear buds) and newest Gear Sport smart watch will be offered for preorder beginning October 13th.

Samsung’s gear sport smartwatch 


  • Samsung’s gear sport smartwatch  features and Specifications

The new Samsung smart watch features an in-built GPS, 1.2- inch display screen (AMOLED) with bezel navigating menus, a waterproof watch and it has the ability to monitor heart rate and track swimming periods. This smartwatch is made for people who are looking for a durable watch.

Gear Sport also features a 20 millimeter strap width, powered by a dual-core processor, equipped with 330mAh battery with 768MB RAM and an internal memory of 4GB. The installed 4GB storage is very useful, since this smartwatch is well-suited with the Spotify app.  The app will still work without using the internet, but make sure that you save the music offline. Gear sport is the best alternative for smartphones when you want to play music, especially if you are working out.

In addition, it can also detect physical activities automatically. On the other hand, Gear Sport is also compatible with any iOS devices, it means Apple customers who are not fan of Apple Watch will able to use Gear Sport together with their iPhone devices.

The new Gear Sport will be available in two colors (black and blue) and it will cost $299.99. On October 27, the Gear Sport will be accessible in the United States and other retailers such as, US Cellular, Macy’s and Amazon.

Samsung’s enhanced gear iconx 2018 ear buds


 Samsung’s enhanced gear iconx 2018 ear buds features and specifications

The IconX 2018 are wireless ear-buds. This Samsung ear buds featured an improved design and become more comfortable on the ear. Compared to the original IconX, the 2018 model is equipped with extended battery life. The battery life will last for up to seven hours when you listen to a standalone music and 5 hours if you are streaming live music. However, the charging case has 340mAh battery, which can give one additional charge.

The IconX ear buds have an internal storage of 4GB and the user can add one thousand songs. In terms of connectivity, this ear bud has Bluetooth which can be used when making phone calls. For Samsung users who uses Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8 Plus, they can control their phone and music by using Bixby (Samsung voice assistant) and by pressing the bud.

The Gear IconX 2018 ear buds is very useful since it can monitor heart rate and track other physical routines, because it features in-built running coach. On the other hand, if you are already using a fitness wristwatch, and you want also to use this ear buds, it may be a little redundant.

Samsung’s enhanced gear iconx 2018 ear buds price and availibility

The IconX will cost $199.99 and available in three colors (pink, gray and black). On the other hand, Samsung’s website offers IconX 2018 pre orders starting October 13. The 2018 Samsung’s ear buds will be available at Sprint, US Cellular, Amazon and Best Buy starting October 27.

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