Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Received Two More New App on Gear App Store

Samsung Gear S3 Apps is now the biggest concern for all Gear S3 users. There is the limited collection of apps on Galaxy App Store by Samsung. So, today we are here’s you tell about more two Gear S3 apps added on Galaxy Store. You would love this new Gear S3 app.

The two new Gear S3 apps called “Your Grocery List” and “SoundCloud”,both app are now available at Galaxy App Store, you can download now.

SoundCloud Gear S3 app

SoundCloud is one of the newest app in the Samsung Gear S3 app list. The SoundCloud is one of the biggest music platform, you can create your own music and share it with others with this SoundCloud Gear S3 App.  If you are an artist, this app will let you connect directly with their audience sharing raw demos, podcasts and more.

The new updated version of the SoundCloud Pro app is now free to download for Gear S2 & Gear S3 smartwatch. At the time of the first release of the app, there are some options of Search, Explore, Following, Account and Guide. You can also search for some new music as per your choice.  The app will give you the list of some amazing artist and library that you can listen to it later. If you want to download your favorite track, you can download it from the app and listen offline later in future.

If you really want this SoundCloud app ion your Gear S3 watch, you can install Music Cloud Provider app on your smartphone without any cost, which let you download song on the phone and play it from the Gear S3. The app also support for Gear S2 watch.

Samsung Gear S3 App: Your Grocery List

 The new Your Grocery List app let you create your grocery list with the help of the app. The Your Grocery List app is now available on Gear App Store, you can download and install it with the help of Gear Manager App. To get started, you will need to enter your E-mail ID  and PW to sign into your Our Groceries account on the Gear S3 watch, and start shopping with Your Grocery List with Gear S3.

You can create your new Our Groceries account from the Our Groceries app on the phone and the official website of the app. The app is not from Samsung officially, Christoff-the community developer has developed this app.

For now, the app doesn’t have “push” auto-sync w/the Our Groceries server, so use the Refresh button in the app to update before shopping. If you made any change in the list, it will automatically sync with the Your Grocery List.

Well, this both app is just not enough for Gear S3 owners, they need some more Gear S3 apps just like Android Wear. Currently, Samsung is working on to develop more new Gear S3 apps.

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