Samsung gear s2 classic {latest Updated}

Samsung gear s2 Classic : Samsung is definitely a veteran on the smartwatch scene, perhaps even more so than LG. The Korean giant has already done a few experiments in the field, some of which arguably quite successful, but the Gear S2 might just be the biggest one yet.

The Gear S2 is radically different from any other wearable Samsung has put out. There is, of course, the obvious fact that it is the first to utilize a round form-factor, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The new Gear is yet another radical development in Samsung’s wearable family that has been frantically moving towards and then away from standardization and the Android Wear OS.

Samsung gear s2 classic

While still relying on the custom Tizen platform, the Gear S2 now looks to be more in-line with today’s smartwatch trends, as set by Google and Apple. Samsung might have finally found a proper course of development to stay in tune with the general flow, while still working on its own vision and delivering a fresh and alternative, yet somehow familiar experience.

The Gear S2 is the first milestone on this new path and it is eerily familiar and surprisingly different all at the same time.

Samsung gear s2 classic specifications

  • 2″ Full Circle Super AMOLED display, 360 x 360 pixels, 302ppi, 31mm screen diameter
  • Samsung Exynos 3250, dual-core 1.0GHz Pega-W CPU / Qualcomm
  • MSM8x26 dual-core 1.0GHz (3G), 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage
  • 250mAh / 300 mAh (3G) Li-Ion battery
  • 8 x 42.3 x 11.4mm, 47g / 39.9 x 43.6 x 11.4mm, 42g (Classic)/ 44.0 x 51.8 x 13.4mm, 51g (3G)
  • Stainless steel casing with rotating ring control, IP-68 certified, water-resistant for up ti 30 minutes and up to 1 meter deep, comes in black or white
  • Tizen based wearable platform
  • Heart rate sensor, gyro, accelerometer, barometer, ambient light, GPS(3G)
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 LE, NFC and 3G in the respective model
  • Vibration
  • Microphone with S-Voice support
  • Wireless charging
  • Support for non-Samsung devices as well, although still buggy


  • No Speaker, unlike its predecessor
  • Tizen lacks extensive third-party support and app ecosystem
  • No support for iOS yet

Samsung gear s2 classic review

Where the Samsung Gear S2 proper proves the concept for the firm’s impressive sixth – yes, its sixth – take on the smartwatch, the Gear S2 Classic proves it can make a chic watch you’ll honestly want to buy.


  • Classy, understated design
  • Unique, clever rotating bezel
  • Works with all Android 4.4 phones


  • Some features still Samsung-only
  • Lack of apps

Samsung gear s2 classic bands


Samsung’s new Gear S2 smartwatch is now available and it is one of the best smartwatches .However, despite its top capabilities, there are quite a lot of owners complaining about the lack of Gear S2 bands choices.It is true, Samsung Gear S2 does not have the classic watch band connection, therefore swapping the straps might seem very hard if not impossible. The truth is, the strap for this watch was designed with easy swapping in mind.

1. Alessandro Mendini Gear S2 Bands 

In a creative partnership, Alessandro Mendini brings his good taste and sense of colour to the Gear S2 line. The result is a range of watch faces and Gear S2 bands that match many personal styles.

2. Casetify Gear s2 Band

The Casetify Gear S2  Classic Bands will be available for both the Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic. Both offered in five styles (White Marble, Dark Marble, Diamond, Woodland Camouflage and Coral Tribal). The Casetify band material is sweat-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

3. Chow tai fook Gear S2 Bands

Chow Tai Fook brings premium bands to Samsung line. The bands come with expensive options like 18k gold, real diamonds, hornblende leather, or a fashionable silver.

Chow Tai Fook said that the bands are exclusive to the Gear S2 classic and will be sold along with the Gear S2 classic watch in China and Hong Kong.

4. Case-mate gear s2 bands 

Case-Mate brings leather bands to both the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 classic. The black Chevron band is made of leather with a studded clasp. Case-Mate is made in partnership with Rebecca Minkoff.


5. SLG Design Gear S2 Bands 

SLG Design has three band options for the Gear S2 classic. The new bands are called Italian Buttero, Minerva Box and the Lizard Skin.

6. Itfit gear s2 bands

iTFit made its bands for both devices. The Samsung Gear S2 will have two band options from iTFit, both made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

The Gear S2 classic will have six bands from iTFit, made of leather or NATO material. NATO materials are made of woven cloth and are hypoallergenic.

Samsung gear s2 classic conclusion

The Gear S2 Classic is an interesting new player in the wearable realm that definitely offers a twist or two of its own to impress. Granted, that is still the case with most other offers in the fresh and rapidly-developing smartwatch niche, but the Gear S2 Classic is a true change of pace within Samsung’s rich portfolio. And that alone says a lot for such a seasoned veteran in the area.

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