Samsung Galaxy S10: Leaked Specifications with In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

There have been quite a buzz about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 lately. The following smartphone is rumored to have in a display fingerprint sensor, which is now confirmed by the Samsung pay application code. There are also a few new information about this Samsung flagship device, which is going to have a ceramic variant known as Galaxy S10+ which will come with black and white colors. It is not any more good to ask that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant will have 256 GB of internal memory. Although there is another variant reported which is having 1TB of internal memory combined with 12gb of Ram.

From the various sources, we have seen leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S10 with ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. The more information is confirmed after the Samsung pay application was cleared by XDA developers, where the user interface adjustment of in display fingerprint sensor was spotted. And there was a cold name associated with this Samsung Galaxy S10 series as ‘Beyond’. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a gesture control which will allow the user to launch the camera app just by touching on the front camera.

Although this feature is already available in the Samsung Galaxy A8, and will also be available for Samsung Galaxy S10 series. There was a video revealed where the camera sensor is present on the Infinity O display of the Samsung which needed to be swiped to launch the camera application. Infinity O display is also considered for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. There was a certain tweet in the Twitter which confirms that the top variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will have a ceramic backside which is scratch proof and durable.

A report from the SamMobile informed that this Samsung Galaxy S10+ ceramic variant will have the model number SM-G975FC and will be available in both black and white color. It was also leaked in the November 2018 that Samsung Galaxy S10 5G version will have the massive 12GB RAM combined with 1TB of internal memory. But now new reports confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant of the flagship smartphone will also have 256 GB, 512 GB and also 1TB of internal memory.

We have considered various leaks and reports from different sites on the internet and provided this complete information about the Samsung Galaxy S10. Save this article with Smartphone users so that they can also know about this upcoming powerful flagship smartphone.

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