Samsung Galaxy a7 (2017) Smartphone Review

Samsung galaxy a7 : Family of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones A-Series is the hierarchy on the step below the flagship Galaxy S line, what will have to sacrifice?



Samsung for some reason removed the optical stabilization in A-Series in 2017, although the model 2016, this function was. Saving? Maybe. In the evenings, the stabilization is not enough, often are blurred images. 16-megapixel camera with aperture f / 1.9 well removes the afternoon, but in the sunlight, few phones for 30 thousand rubles removes bad, and another thing – time shooting.

The most interesting experiments begin in low light, when you realize that it is better to add money and buy or old Galaxy S6, or last year’s Galaxy S7, where the camera will be much better – faster focus, consistently high quality during the day and at night. Well, the video also get 4K, because Galaxy A7 (2017) writes only in Full HD or below.



Samsung offers several predefined color profiles – comfortably, it is possible to adjust the picture, if you suddenly do not like the standard “colorful” option. Among other useful aspects – function Always On, when constantly running lights when the screen is locked, it is clear battery level, time and date, as well as notice.

Features Super AMOLED-display routine: 1920×1080 pixels, 5.7 inches. Do you want higher resolution? But why, and the way it can be clearly seen, the picture is smooth.

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Hardware galaxy a7

If you like the Galaxy S7, and the like Galaxy a7: metal sides, glass front and back, no sharp parts, the pocket does not penetrate. After the golden A5 A7 black looks much nicer, more expensive or something. Even Mark back panel is not so annoying.

In general, the impression that Samsung has decided to recall the past and has invested in the A-series features the old flagship line S: S3 and S4 were also with smooth forms, so also here. Originally? No, but firmly, thoroughly and soundly, a hand-held glass-metal A7 nice thing to not slipped out of our hands.


Phone protected from dust and water, it can withstand immersion in the 1.5-meter depth in fresh water for 30 minutes. Bathe it in salt water is not recommended, although the Galaxy S7 with the same protection normally carries sea water, judging by the reviews acquaintances.

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Performance of galaxy a7

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) with a battery 3600 mAh turned-lasting device that I have consistently turned out about 2 days of work at 4.5-5 hours of active screen in Moscow networks. To charge using USB-C port, supports fast charge – for everything takes 1.5 hours.

Filling this: Samsung Exynos 7880 processor, 3/32 GB of memory, a microSD slot, and without prejudice to the SIM-cards, as is the case in many other devices. LTE is fast, enumerate all the wireless economy will not, everything is in place.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy a7:

long runs,

Nice big screen with useful screen saver,

Not afraid of water,

Separate slot for memory card and SIM-cards.


There is a lack of optical stabilization,

For the same money you can buy a more powerful phone,

Slippery housing.


Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) review – a good continuation of the popular series, everything is nothing, but for sale, you can still find the former flagship Galaxy S6 or look away cheapened Galaxy S7. It is common practice with this Samsung (and not only it) faces every year, when last year’s model, a higher level to compete with the new. Of course, in this case more interesting to buy more tech device.

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