Recovery of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Recovery of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 : From the burning battery (last issue), Samsung Note group has continued to grow, this year (2017) before the year ends, Galaxy Note8 pursue to be the bleeding border of what Samsung can propose.

Previous years Galaxy Note7 breakdown and felt like “climbing to heaven and suddenly fell into the ground without cautionary,”- Executive Samsung Senior said.  Almost all of the units worldwide had caught fire, and the Samsung Company was strained to kill and recall all the Samsung phones. The atmosphere was severe at the division office of Samsung. No 1 talk about the issue after the meeting, which was excessive because there were many things to review for.

Recovery of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After electing to keep the issue, the decision was madly debated; there was no other choice but to step forward. October last year, the head of Samsung Mobile DJ Koh, face the crowded group of Samsung cellular employees.  The place was so calm and the surrounding was so heavy. After the president finishes his talk, 1 by 1, the group started to asked questions, one of the employees try to ask the health condition of the president and his answer was, it is more valuable than ever to maintain healthily and told to everybody to do the same.  Other employees touched to the answer of the president.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 was very happy because it became in demand pre-ordered Galaxy Note in United State (US) and South Korea.  They expect that it will be the highest quarterly income of not more than 14.5 trillion won for this quarter.

Unbelievable Flagship

Base on the history of Galaxy Note list reflects Samsung course in Smartphone more than any other device. When it comes to the sale, it moves slowly behind the Galaxy S series, which is planned more for mass demand, but the Samsung galaxy note set began with the huge chip on its body.

Last 2011, they Launched the 1st Note, it has a 5.3 inches screen and was acknowledge too big and with the stylus was treated as a relic from the first generation Smartphone. Steve Jobs (Apple Founder) was extremely known against to the lawsuits with its history were also in full swing. Samsung Galaxy Note series was still left behind to iPhone.  Samsung administers a worldwide study with the Samsung teams going around with paper and pen to be identifying the best phone in the society of all gender, geographic, background and ages. South Korean Technology found out that purchasers carried various kind of devices but desired simply to have an on the go instruments. The device needed to beat and have the advantage of the “incumbents”. It wanted the flexibility and application of cell phones, the immersive and large display and least scrolling of tablets, fast capturing of memos and abrupt capturing of memos and ideas of the best old notepad.

The customer is willing to accept the form and size of the Galaxy Note 8, but as long as it was convenient to use with additional advantage, they were ready to have a large screen.

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