How to Record iPhone/iPad Screen Easily

Recording your phone screen can be helpful in many cases. Days changed totally and there are many reasons to record iPhone screen or iPad screen. Screen recording is mainly used to promote functionality of an app or sometimes for a YouTube channel.  There are many apps to record iPhone screen but in the recent versions of iOS they kept an inbuilt feature of screen recording. If you are using iOS 11 then you can enjoy inbuilt screen recording feature in your iPhone and iPad. To record screen, you need to know all the steps to record iPhone screen which are same in iPad too. Here in this content, you will have all details about steps to record iPhone and iPad screen.

If you want to show what are you doing or how you are handling any app then you need to record it. At first, you need to install a screen recording app on your phone to record but with the advancement of technology, Apple introduces this feature on iOS 11. It might be new for you and so I have come here to show how to record iPhone screen.

Steps to record iPhone/iPad screen

You can record screen both on iPhone and iPad. If your handset is running on iOS 11 then you can record screen easily following some simple steps which are enlisted below.

Manually Screen Record Setup

You might don’t know that your phone already possesses a screen recording feature. It does not remain active by default so you need to set up first manually to enjoy screen recording in iPhone or iPad.

To set screen record feature on your iPhone or iPad you need to first go to the Settings of your Phone. On option settings, click on the Control Center. On click on the Control Center, you will have different options from where you need to select Customize Controls.

There you will have a More option that will open many customization options for you. Click on the tab More Controls and you will have different customization feature which you can add on your main control center. To add Screen record feature on your phone click on the green plus (+) sign before the Screen recording option. On click on the plus sign, it will automatically get added to the control center from where you can access directly and quickly.

Now Start Recording

This inbuilt screen recorder comes with a tool that helps users to record sound and music of any app. Sometimes you need to add voice to demonstrate any app which also you can do here by pressing 3D touch on the control to start recording window. If you have completed with your voice recording then you need to press to off the mic. Here on soft click you can enable and disable microphone option during recording. To start screen record in iPhone, click on the Screen Recording option on the top of the window. On click, it will take three seconds to start screen recording.

Need to stop recording

You have completed your recording and now need to stop the process. To stop screen record in iPhone or iPad go to your mobile Control Center and click on the Screen Recording icon to stop. You can directly stop recording from the status bar. Click on the red indicator and then tap stop recording.  Once you have stopped the recording process your recorded video will automatically get saved to your mobile video albums from you can directly share or publish it.

How to edit screen record video

To give your recording a good finish you need to do some editing work on it. To have simple edit you can use editing feature of photo app but the attractive editing only can achieve through desktop editing application. There are many video editing application using which you can add a filter, text for demonstration and animation to make your recording a professional one. To edit video on Mac you can use iMovie application which is easy and simple to use.

If you are not having an iPhone that runs on iOS 11 then update it now to have screen recording feature to record iPhone or iPad screen. 3rd and 4th generation iOS can’t be updated to iOS so those are having iPhone with backdated operating system need to use third party software like Airshow, Vidyo, BB recorder those works flawlessly on both rooted and non-rooted iPhone. iOS has an inbuilt screen recorder that helps all iPhone users to record and to prepare a perfect video through voice and screen recording.

This screen record feature in iOS 11 expands the reach of the iPhone to a new level. There are many screen record app for iOS but if you are using iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 then screen recording will be more easy and simple.


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