Psiphon For PC – Bypass Restricted Censorship

Are censors eating away your browsing? Are apps and tools asking too much?

Well today we are here to discuss an anti-censorship tool that is free to use and also works. If you can go through the reviews for Psiphon, you will find users from restrictive countries to have found it very useful.  So, what is this Psiphon? Let us find out.

Psiphon for PC – key highlights

The most interesting feature of this tool is that it is free of cost for PC users. For android devices, a pro version is available that you need to pay for. The remarkable tool can easily sooth your problems of online censorship. The tool offers an option of VPN if the default settings for SSH doesn’t work. Once you start running the app, you can feel a difference. Not only they will work smarter, they will look different as well. Through this tool, you can put up a request for the apps to be sent to you through email in case the website usage is restricted in the area you are from. Well, it is an open source tool.

To achieve the anti-censorship of websites, Psiphon mixes up Secure Shell techs (SSH) and Virtual Proxy Networks, thus allowing an alternate option to work if one does not.

Plans and Tariffs

If you download Psiphopn for PC, then the tool works totally free of cost. You can even side-load the apps for Android devices as well as iOS devices. In the countries where the app is not banned, you can get this app for you android device as well from Google Play Store. But that is where things get turned around.

The basic version of the app that you can get from Google Play Store or from any other website is same. It is just that is shows some advertisements. In addition to that, the bandwidth speed is limited to 2 Mbps for all the versions of the app that are free. The ads can be managed and the speed limiting cap can also be lifted, with a fee. You can enjoy the ‘maximum speed’ with a fee of £4.99 for an access of 7 days or £9.99 for a 30 day span. You get a speed limit of 5 Mbps with the ‘maximum speed’ pack. You can also get ‘high speed’ with a charge of £4.99 per month. Of course all the subscription packages come with a 30 day free trial. You just need to cancel it through the Play Store before the trial period ends and you won’t be charged a penny.

The subscription rates may vary based on your location.

Virtual Proxy Network for Psiphon

It is an app that has been developed to bypass the restrictions of censorship in many countries. The design of the technology that is incorporated in it is known to shield you from surveillance of internet data from the government of your Internet Service Provider. What more you need to know from the developers is that shielding from surveillance is not the main motive of this app. They do not take any responsibility for your protection from data surveillance. It should, therefore be regarded as a device of anti-censorship.

It makes its operations through a network of servers across the globe. For this reason, Psiphon can connect to any one of the servers using an encryption Secure Shell (SSH) by using handshake obfuscation. This mainly tries to hide that you are trying to evade censorship restrictions. When you are using Psiphon for PC, you can also use Internet Protocol Security VPN protocol or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol to connect to the servers of Psiphon in case the SSH connections are blocked due to any reason. This backup option is not available for the app’s android users.


To make provision of secured connection to its network of servers, the app uses SSH by default. It itself is secured quite to extent to bypass censorships of most kinds. But some intelligence organizations of the government like the CIA and NSA are known to possess technologies that can decipher SSH, thus giving them access to check the contents of the sessions. For connections with VPN, Psiphon app makes usage of L2TP/IPsec protocols of VPN. This is regarded to be secured in general despite some of the theoretical issues at large. There is no explanation provided on their website related to the cipher or the key length that is being used for data security. Irrespective of whatever they use, it is secured enough to simply bypass censorship.

The tool will change the default Domain Name System settings (DNS) for your windows so that it will be shown as a vetted DNS server from white list. This can ensure prevention of leak of DNS while you are on the app’s server. The website for Psiphon makes provision of SHA1 cryptographic hashes for the apps that you get for Windows as well as side-loaded apps for Android. This nature of data integrity is weaker on a relative basis when a comparison is made with PGP digital signatures, but can be enough reliable to know that the files that has been downloaded has not been played with.


As it has been already stated, there is no claim on behalf of Psiphon to protect your privacy. It is just a tool designed for anti-censorship in restricted region. The app was originally designed by an activist group of digital information from Citizen Lab in Canada’s University of Toronto. But however since the year 2007, Psiphon Inc. has been working as a commercial company independent of any other institution. But even on date, it often collaborates for research projects with the Citizen Lab. It has also received funding from the US State Department Internet Freedom Program as well as the European Parliament.

As Psiphon has its bases firm in Canada, it is subjected to the privacy law and statutes of Canada and Ontario. Canada happens to be an active member in the spying alliance named Five Eyes that is led by NSA. The software is an open source for itself.

Best alternatives to Psiphon

There is no doubt the Psiphon is currently the best in its service range working in the market. That does not put it out of the competition as many others are providing a fierce fight for that position. If you wish to verify why we are calling Psiphon as the best app for PC, feel free to compare it with any of the other competitors and then decide the best tool for VPN. Here are some of the top rivals that are competing fiercely with the app over the web currently.


You can find shoes sponsored by TunnelBear on YouTube as well as other tech sites. This is the reason for TunnelBear to be such famous VPN tool. This app entitles you free usage but caps your monthly data limit. 500 MB for 30 days is the only capacity that you can consume and after the month, the counter will be reset to zero. But once you pay the subscription charges, the app becomes more decent. The interface is very user friendly and is the perfect choice for the online guy that prefers to launch-and-play.

Tor and Tor Browser

Tor is another tool for VPN services that you can avail and use at ease. Hackers and advanced users use this application to cover up the address of their IP, hide their presence online and browse through any website around the globe. But the only issue with the Tor and Tor Browser is that it is quite well known within the various IT departments and countries. They have come up with some kind of software designed to limit the access of specific sites or even block the Tor browser.

CyberGhost VPN

This VPN tool is not just a great choice for your device but also allows you to work on a cross platform that is known to work on all of your devices. Many tech sites and outlets for digital media have featured this software. Some of the most famous ones include WIRED, Business Insider and The New York Times. The only thing that is bad is that the trial version for this website is just limited to 7 days. If you are okay with paying the subscription charges, it is one of the best choices you can make.

Well now that we have come to the conclusion now, we have discussed how the Psiphon works and how secured you are on this network; feel free to try out any of its alternatives or conduct your own research to know how the applications work. Of all, these applications are designed and developed to help you bypass restrictions of censorships and not guarantee top notch privacy. Whatever you use or do, it is up to you to check that you do not do something that can trigger the flag and put your privacy into danger. Download the app on your pc and enjoy free services of anti-censorship as much as you want.

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