PS4 News: New Next-Gen PlayStation System Will Launch In 2018, Analyst Predicts

New PlayStation system is coming in 2018, the biggest competitor of Xbox Scorpio.

With the announcement of Xbox Scorpio, Sony plans to develop new next generation PlayStation System to compete with Xbox Scorpio. The recent analyst reports the next-gen PlayStation system is not that far from you.

According to The Wall Street Journal reports that Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong “said he expected Sony to release its next-generation PlayStation by the second half of 2018

The recent report of WSJ about the next PlayStation console is the just prediction from the previous reporter who predicted about the last PS4 Pro and Slim in just ahead of its official launch.

For now, there is no official confirmation from Sony, but the last console of Sony called PS4 was announced nine months earlier to its release, while the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro revisions were revealed just one week and two months, respectively, before they hit store shelves.

New PlayStation system news would fear for Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio, which said to be the more powerful than the PS4 Pro. Well, it’s good to have the newest PlayStation system, but it will directly affect on its own hardware PS4 and PS4 Pro. Whether it impact on PS4 or PS4 Pro, but you may soon see the new PlayStation system soon in the first quarter of 2018.

Well, the name of the upcoming Sony system is still unclear, but the WSJ report doesn’t elaborate on what Thong believes this system will look like–“next-generation PlayStation” could mean the PlayStation 5.  So, we can assume that the next PlayStation system could call “PS5”.

The Xbox Scorpio will launch by the end of 2017 and if the new PlayStation system ‘PlayStation 5’ then the both console could be compared and it will affect on both company. But, the latest announcement about Xbox Scorpio suggested that the console will support all Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. But it’s still unclear that what’s next PlayStation console called? Is Will the support to PS4 games or its collected up to for only PS5 games? This all is now the mystery, we don’t have more detail about it.

Genuinely, the PS4 is now three year old console, now it’s time for Sony to announce its new PlayStation system either it called ‘PlayStation 5” or something else, but they will have to reveal it.

When is PS5 coming out?

Some people are asking about the PlayStation 5 release date, we are also looking for the dates. Sony is continuously releasing its gaming console at the interval of six years. The first PlayStation launched in 1994, PS2 in 2000, PS3 in 2006 and PS4 in 2013. So, the release of older PlayStation suggested that the new PlayStation 5 could be released in 2019, but the recent WSJ report prediction says that it will arrive soon 2018.

Sony has not yet announced officially about new PlayStation system PS5, but some tech sites rumored about PlayStation 5 specification is here. The new PlayStation 5 will be the biggest console ever having component-packed box we’ve grown familiar to heating our living rooms. It also could be a palm-sized streaming device or dive even deeper into the world of game streaming skipping traditional hardware systems overall.

Most of the people expected the PlayStation 5 with Ultra HD blue-ray, the high capacity disc of the PS4 can store 50-100GB of data, and considering how complicated games are becoming, it’s the sort of media we’ll need our next next-gen games to be shipped on.

If the PS4 for arrived in 2018, we will be able to see the new virtual reality gaming experience in upcoming PlayStation 5 system.

When the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida asked about upcoming PlayStation 5, he replied that he thought the PS5 was a question of ‘if’ rather than ‘when’. There is other more detail of PS5 price, PS5 Games and PS5 release date is still the mystery.


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