‘Pokemon Go’ Update: PVP, Trading Features, Gym Battling System Upgrades Coming Soon to Valentine’s Day Event

The Pokemon GO Update is arriving in this Valentine’s Day Event. “Pokemon Go” only has one more day left before the Valentine-themed update expires in, February 15. The CEO of Pokemon Go developer Niantic has confirmed the most highly trading features, gym battle system upgrades and Niantic-led live events.

Especially for fans are eager for Pokemon GO to add Pokemon GO Update and they would also like the massively popular mobile title to introduce PVP battles. In fact, players are so desperate for these two gameplay features being added to the game that one You Tuber even created their own video showing off

The according to the Pokemon company has to live on the Valentine’s Day event. Pokemon Go developer Niantic is the surprise to the fans on this Valentine’s Day event. This Pokemon GO Update has to coming by doing some data mining and dig for hidden or secret features could find from a released update on Valentine’s Day event to report and also according the Forbes.

The Niantic has to report to Waypoint in an interview that the features are “well going to be done soon.”also tell about the milestone of Pokemon go and release date of the newly surprise event Feature of Pokemon Update.

Also The Niantic has to saying some development issues on the new feature updates time and also saying that if there had not been difficulties at launch, trading or PVP battles would be available by now.

The Niantic has to very struggle on this query to solve and this server issues to face them and keep players engaged and introducing PVP battles and trading features to live on this Valentine’s Day after a clock.

‘Pokemon Go’ Update: PVP, Trading Features, Gym Battling System and Niantic-led Live Events

PVP and Pokemon Trading Upgrades. Hanke confirms that both the trading and PVP features are well underway. He stated that these two features would have been added in the game had they not encountered some server issues to address prior to launch.

Gym Battling System: Hanke also hinted that Niantic might tweak the game’s gym battling system in the near future. He called the current system as “rudimentary,” and this suggests that this feature will get some makeover soon.

Nianti-led Live Events: Finally, Hanke also talked about his vision of a Niantic-led live events. He stated that his heart wishes for such events and desires to accomplish in 2017 but also cited the complications involve as to the extent of work required.

“Pokemon Go” is an augment reality game made available for both iOS and Android devices back in July 2016.

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