Peace out, Bixby: How to disable the Bixby Button ?

How to disable the Bixby Button : Samsung wanted everyone to have new on the go software assistant. However they placed a Bixby physical button at the left side of the device below volume rocker. This not the first time that voice assistant was included on the device. Google has also this feature. However, the position of the Bixby button made the voice assistant such a burden, specifically due to large amount of unintentional presses.

Fortunately, Samsung allows the user to officially disable the device Bixby button. The Bixby button latest updates add new toggle which allows the user to decide whether they want to launched the button if the assigned button is presses or not. This can be configured in the Bixby Settings.

How to disable the bixby button ?

Usually, when the Bixby button presses quickly it will automatically open the Bixby open. And pressing the button in a long time will redirect you to the Bixby Voice. It also issue controls and commands on whatever application you are currently doing in your phone through voice.

The Bixby button latest update (version, this version allows the user to entirely disable the Bixby button. The user can disable the button by opening the Bixby Home and press the settings at the top. After tapping the setting tab a menu will pop up which consist of single option. It allows the user to choose whether they want to disable to enable the button.

Here is another way on how to disable the Bixby button. Go to Bixby Home look for the Setting Tab look for Bixby Key once you already locate the key just press or select the “Don’t open Anything”.

If you successfully disabled the Bixby button, nothing will happen if you accidentally press the Bixby Button.

Since the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus was launch there are different developers who were using Bixby button a customizable shortcut button. Samsung was not devoted on idea of intentionally breaking the hardware made by the developers.

Samsung made the new update effectively, so if the user is not interested on Bixby Key that was designed for Bixby Voice and Bixby Home they won’t be make use of it anymore. However third-party applications which customize Bixby Key are capable of killing and listening Bixby immediately. The workaround will not work if there is no Bixby to open.

Disable the Bixby button altogether

As mentioned above, once the Bixby key already disabled the user can still access Bixby Home of the user try to swipe the Touchwiz screen.

There are ways on how to disable all Bixby button features, excluding Bixby Vision which fun and useful.

  1. Install third-party launcher like Nova Launcher or Action Launcher. Using the launcher installed the Bixby Key was already disabled and will not open the Bixby Home even if the user press it accidentally.How to disable the Bixby Button
  2. For those who are using Touchwiz screen, just press the home screen for a few seconds then swipe Bixby Home page then press the toggle next to it.How to disable the Bixby Button

Disabling the Bixby Button, doesn’t mean it was already uninstalled in the device the app will still run in background and still installed on the device. However you can still access the Bixby Vision on the device camera but it has only minimal feature to show.

The latest version disable automatic Bixby updates by pressing Bixby Home look for its Setting and tap the toggle button next to Auto-update Bixby.

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