OnePlus 5T vs  Samsung Galaxy S8

OnePlus 5T vs  Samsung Galaxy S8: Both the Smartphone are high quality and mostly demanded mobile phones, one launched by OnePlus (OnePlus 5T) and the other launched by Samsung(Samsung Galaxy S8).Since this Smartphone is invented or created by two different companies, it has also several differences in its quality and feature.

To go towards the bottom of these two smartphones we can compare these two mobiles on the different basis.

  • Price
  • Design
  • Display
  •  OS and Power
  • Camera and Battery

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Price OnePlus 5T vs  Samsung Galaxy S8

Firstly to buy anything, the first and foremost thing that we should know is the cost of the product. These two Smartphone were launched in 2017.The current prices

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 varies from country to country, the unlocked version of the device launched in the US in May for $725.And it retails for €800 in German website.

The price of OnePlus 5T 54GB version is retail for $499, €499 and 128GB will take towards $559, €559.

OnePlus 5T vs  Samsung Galaxy S8 design comparison

5T has an all-metal shell with the dimension of 156.1*75*7.3 mm and it has the weight 162g. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a glass back and a metal frame, and comes in at 148.9*68.1*8mm and 155g.So we can see 5T is slightly longer, wider and heavier than Samsung Galaxy S8.

If we talk about biometrics, they also both have a face scanner on the front. One very visible difference between this two mobile phone is on the basis of color,5T only comes in black while Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in Midnight, Black, Orchid Gray, Silver, Coral Blue and Maple gold.

Display comparison OnePlus 5T vs  Samsung Galaxy S8

The first difference that we see on the screen of this Smartphone is, the screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 is curved while that of 5T is flat. The S8’s is also sharper (1440*2960 and 570) pixels per inch while 5T’s is (1080 *2160 and 401) pixels per inch. Both of these phones use AMOLED technology and have super-widescreen aspect ratio (18:9 in the 5t’s and 19.5:9 in the S8’s)

OS and Power comparison OnePlus 5T vs  Samsung Galaxy S8

5T comes with Snapdragon 835 chipset and there is the choice of 6GB or 8GB of RAM whereas Galaxy 8S comes either with a Snapdragon 835 chipset or a similarly powerful Exynos 8895 one elsewhere, and in both its paired with 4GB of RAM. Here we can see 5T has more RAM compared to S8.

If we talk about the storage Samsung Galaxy S8 has storage of 64GB plus a microSD card slot, but in 5T it has the choice of 64GB or 128GB but no microSD card slot. They both run Android Nougat, and both companies upgrade their phone to Android Oreo at the same point.

Camera and Battery  comparison OnePlus 5T vs  Samsung Galaxy S8

If we talk about the camera quality between this two Smartphone,5T has dual lens rear camera one of the 16MP and one 20MP.Both lenses have an aperture of f/1.7.Samsung Galaxy S8 has just single lens 12MP camera, but it also has a f/1.7 aperture, meaning there is large lens opening.

Similarly, if we talk about battery oneplus 5T has 3300mAh one, while Samsung Galaxy S8 has a similar 3000mAh one. Both the Smartphone support fast charging but S8 support wireless charging too.

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