New Hint About The Samsung’s Neuro Game Booster – Trademark Filled in EU

Just recently European union has received an application file for a trademark. Surprisingly, it is about the Samsung planning for AI-based game optimization on flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S10 and other future flagship devices. In past Samsung has already included videos AI best features for its previous flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it was also having game optimization process.

Samsung is considering to have next nation hardware and develop it for future. They are also considering to develop Exynos 9820 with a far improved NPU. After this new European trademark application is being filed, there are various speculations are surfacing on the internet. The Korean company Samsung has already applied for the paperwork to protect the name Neuro Game Booster.

In the description of that trademark which is filed states that: “Software for smartphones; … Computer Application software featuring games and gaming; Artificial Intelligence software.” even though the filing of this application is done on the European Union intellectual property office, which is expected to have the same trademark in other parts of the globe in upcoming future.

There is no official statement from the Korean giant for using or referring to any available AI optimization process. According to the timing of the file, it is expected to see this AI optimization for gaming which is known as Neuro Game Booster can debut in 20th February 2019 at the time of Samsung Galaxy S10 device launch. As there are several devices tobe  launched from Samsung in the Q1 of 2019, the AI usage might change in terms of gaming optimization.

The upcoming device named as Samsung Galaxy A50 is rumored to have Exynos 9610 SoC with more powerful and improved NPU, as this means that Neuro Game Booster will not be limited for only the flagships of the Samsung. Samsung may expand the availability of the Neuro Game Booster for a large range of Smartphones and tablets from the Samsung itself which powerful enough to use the Neuro Game Booster in it.

We have collected the data about the Neuro Game Booster a new upcoming AI game optimization software from the Korean giant Samsung and provided them in this article for you. We have also covered up the complete information about the upcoming Samsung devices along with the usage of the Neuro Game Booster software in its devices and posted them in this article for you. Share this article with others so that they can also get know about this upcoming AI feature in Samsung devices.

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