list of the different accessories for Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is recognized to be an amazing entry point for people who have a keen interest in virtual reality. They offer a wide variety of experience in the world of virtual reality. It contributes to being one of the most popular headsets which play an indispensable role in making time with Gear VR worth remembering. Here is a list of the most popular Samsung Gear VR accessories:

Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset is a worth mentioning name in the list of Samsung Gear VR accessories. It works in a perfect manner with Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, to name a few. The light weight helps you in playing and watching in a comfortable manner. It comes with easy to use Touch pad. Whether you want to watch the best movies in Hollywood in your own private cinema, or you are willing to play stunning games, this headset stands out of the ordinary. You can thus be at the center of suspense thrillers without any hassles with the assistance of this head set. You are sure to have a stunning experience with 360 degree and 3D videos with the use of this Gear VR accessory. It works well with only samsung devices.

Advanced Accessory Kit for Galaxy Gear VR


Advanced Accessory Kit for Galaxy Gear VR is another popular name in the catalog of Samsung gear VR accessories. It is inclusive of cleaning pen brush, large carrying case, microfiber cleaning cloth, air blaster dust blower. The adjustable inner divider holds the camera in a sturdy way and for keeping accessories apart. The bag comes with an adjustable strap and clip-on detachable for facilitating easy carry. The cleaning kit plays an indispensable role in cleaning the equipment safely. Smudges, dust, fingerprints, and dirt is removed with ease, and the devices look like new. The bundle kit happens to be a great starter package for people new to photography.

SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Gaming Controller with Bluetooth for Samsung Gear VR

SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Gaming Controller is recognized to be one of the leading wireless Bluetooth controllers which are designed for crcross-platformsage on Android smartphones, personal computers, and tablets. It comes with a lightweight and compact design which is for enhancing the best cross platform capability of the industry. It comes with a classy familiar layout along with a rechargeable battery where there are almost 20 hours of casual play time. The SteelSeries Engine App can be availed on different platforms for enhanced reconfigurability. The gaming controller has 10 hours of battery life. It has automated power saver feature which will be turning off the controller after being idle for a time duration of 3 minutes. It plays a vital role in conferring the functionality of classic controller to the smartphone, computer, and tablet device. It is so small that it can fit in your pocket. It takes mobile gaming to the next level of control and precision for Android.


Samsung Gear VR Controller

If you are looking for the top accessories for Samsung Gear VR, you should not miss out on Samsung Gear VR Controller. It is recognized to be the motion controller for higher realistic interaction. It has the capability of recognizing hand motion, evolving gameplay and interactions in VR. It comes with an ergonomic design along with a trigger for intuitive and natural control. This accessory plays a crucial role in unlocking amazing experience in VR. It works in a perfect way with Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note5. You will be capable of exploring the game at ease and navigating with organic movements. This accessory lets you point, drop, lift as well as move with accomplished agility. It helps in browsing menu with natural responsiveness.

Samsung Gear VR Face Pad Replacement Foam – Virtual Reality Headset Replacement Padding


If you want to spend more time while enjoying virtual reality, nothing beats the Samsung Gear VR Face Pad Replacement Foam – Virtual Reality Headset Replacement Padding. It is comprised of super soft and premium quality of micro fleece fabric. It offers higher support and cushion and thus you will be successful in enjoying longer and more immersive VR sessions. It is machine washable and thus you will be capable of washing the Gear VR face pad as it gets dirty. It is comprised of soft Velcro backing by which you can attach and remove face pad without any hassles in no time. It is designed exclusively for Samsung Note 5, Samsung S6 edge, Samsung S6 edge, to name a few. The pad is designed for the improvement of airflow and breathability.


Samsung Gear VR Cooling Fan

Samsung Gear VR Cooling Fan is one of the most prominent accessories for Samsung Gear VR. It is recognized to be a powerful and ultra quiet fan which aids in dissipating the heat which is created from your phone. It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery which has a capacity of 7 hours. The open camera design allows easier access to the features of the camera. The capacitive power button can be turned on with the single touch of a finger.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Samsung Gear S3 Classic is beneficial if you want to make calls, texts. You can procure notifications directly from the Bluetooth connected Gear S3. You can make payments with the aid of Samsung Pay anywhere. It has an inbuilt GPS which keeps track of the activities and make sharing of location completely easy. It is vital in resisting dust, water, occasional drop, extreme temperatures. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.


JSVER VR Case EVA Travel Storage Carrying Bag for Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset Gamepad Game Controller Kit

The JSVER VR headset carrying case is recognized to be highly compatible with Samsung Gear VR. You can reap the benefits of carrying case which has additional space for the controller kit. The case is comprised of Nylon along with EVA material which is eco-friendly. It renders the prerequisite protection to different devices from bumps, knocks, scratches with the soft interior lining and harder outer shell.

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