LG Is Building The Next Larger 6.5-inch Screens For Apple’s Upcoming iPhones.

It is believed that LG doesn’t have the capabilities to Ship panels like Samsung, but it has successfully managed to get an upcoming project of Apple company. Guess the project? It is already flying in the news. LG is building the next new OLED screens for an upcoming 6.5-inch iPhone, reported by the Korean company.

LG is Building The Next Oled Screens ForĀ  Apple iPhones Instead Of Samsung!

You may know that Samsung is the sole provider of Apple’s OLED panels and screens. But in according to the last news made by the Korea based company, LG is designing and manufacturing OLED screens for an upcoming model of Apple’s iPhone.

And seems that this iPhone will be the Second model to get the OLED screens enabled in itself. At the primary stage, Apple has introduced OLED screens with the iPhone X in the last couple of months. So that makes a sense.

About the running condition of manufactures, Apple added that Samsung has the capacity to produce 10 million OLED screens a month. While LG has only 6 million as compared to the estimated timing.

After seeing all these, we can not assume a better view. But there might be a reason why Apple gave the project to LG instead of Samsung. So, lets wait and see.

Apple is also coming up with 3 new iPhone in this 2018. They will come with 6.5-inch, 5.8-inch and 6.1-inch screens respectively. Also, Apple will reportedly cram out the bigger batteries out of the iPhones soon.


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