iPhone 8 price, release date, specifications and rumors

Though it is still a month’s time left for the iPhone 8 to hit the market, however, the market has been charged up with speculations about the features, price as well as the release date of the iphone 8. This model is going to be the 10th Anniversary model from the company. This is going to be the first time that the company is planning to introduce a change in the technology of wireless charging. If you have to go after these rumors, this latest edition is going to be launched along  with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus models. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss the key points, coming up from the rumors about the release date, features of the phone as well as the price of the device.

When the iphone 8  is expected to hit the market?

Iphone 8  is most likely that the device is going to hit the market in the month of September this year that will mark the completion of the 10th year since the company marketed its first Smartphone. But, as per a report, probably users have to wait till the last quarter of the year to get the device in their hands. As ihpone 8 comes up from the report, the company will market the pilot batch of the devices in limited quantity. This claim is getting the support by a camp of experts and what it comes out is that the production process is likely to get delayed for troubles with the Torch ID sensor of the device.

Another report suggests that the ihpone 8 is not going to hit the market till the next year. Various technical challenges as well as issues with the logistic functions are to be held responsible for this delay. However, the company is planning to offer a solution to these troubles and planning for producing the devices in large scale so that buyers don’t find issues with the supply of the product. Most probably, the company is trying to bring the device in the market somewhere by the month of October 2017.

How much money buyers will have to spend for buying the iphone 8?

If the device is going to resemble the features of the New Macbook from Apple, the forthcoming device is going to come costlier than the previous releases and in the opinion of a camp of experts, this model is going to be the costliest device from the company with the cost going above USD 1000.

A report by Forbes states that the price range of this device will start from the range of 1000 to 1200 USD and iphone 8 will be coming with handsets with configuration of 128 GB and 256 GB respectively.

Rumors about the specifications of the iphone 8

  • The display capacity edge-to-edge will feature specification of 5.8 inches and 2.5 D OLED
  • All-glass construction, featuring a unique and exclusive design.
  • Mechanism for wireless charging.
  • Apple A11 Chip
  • Touch ID Sensor on the rear facing.
  • Compatible with Face-scanning technology.
  • Dual Cameras lying vertically on the rear sides
  • Can extend support to LTE Speed to the extent of 450 MBPS.

Latest News about the ihpone 8

  • A new report from Forbes claims that iphone 8  will come with better battery life. This is for the reason that device will feature an L-shaped design for the battery that will add more strength to the device, significantly reducing the dimension of the model. As per this report, the handset will come with choices for Handest with configurations of 128 and 256 GB and the cost of the devices is likely to vary between 1000 and 12000 USD.
  • The 10th anniversary release from the company is going to hit the market in the month of September 2017 and initially, buyers will be getting the availability of the devices in a limited extent. Compared with an initial estimate that the company will come up with 9 Million handsets, the company is actually holding a plan to initially release around 2 Million devices.
  • In the opinion of another camp of experts, the device is going to hit the market somewhere in the month of October, following the release of the iPhone 5SE device from the company in the month of August.
  • Another report by Forbes reveal the fact that the design of the device will feature CAD files, coming from Nodus. As per this report, the users are likely to get the device in a bezel-less design, coming with a display of 5.8 inches and a camera designed vertically on the rear side of the device. The model is likely to come with a power button that will be double the size of the power button as in the previous models of Smartphones from this manufacturer. The company is probably going to copy the design of the devices from Sony, featuring a Touch ID that has been integrated into a switch.
  • It is likely that Apple is going to equip the device with system of 3D laser for making a better functionality of the Augmented Reality. As a report suggests, the laser on the rear side of the device will have a better detection capacity for augmenting the reality applications as well as better autofocus capacities to support better photography.
  • The accessory for wireless charging is not expected to be easily available in the market, at least during the phase of initial release to the market, by the last quarter of this year. This implies that the charging mechanism will not get the support out of a box, rather, it will require a separate accessory to serve the purpose.

The points discussed above narrate the key points that the experts are speculating about the device that is expected to storm the market once it hits the market. With that said, it will be likely to state that the company is going to have a surprise package for the users. It is all up to time to explore how things shape up in reality.

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