5 Best ios Emulator for Windows pc

5 Best iOS Emulator for Windows : If you are looking for the iOS emulator for your windows Pc, we have now easily to use that iOS app on our windows using iOS emulator, so let’s see the 5 Best iOS emulator for windows to run iOS Apps

In this way, all iOS emulator very useful and very powerful to work and in the market most of them don’t work properly, but if you have to look for best iOS emulator for windows then see more.

About iOS Emulator:

iOS Emulator is one type of software/program which you can run apps/programs of other OS like Android, iOS etc. So iPhone emulator is software/program which allows you to run iOS apps/games on your PC/Computer without any need of iPhone device, Emulators are specially designed for developers for testing apps and other programs. These iOS Emulators run all platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.

There are many iOS emulators available for Windows PC, but here we will list some best emulators for iOS for your Windows Computer to use so that you can easily run your favorite iOS apps in your Windows based computer or laptops. As you guys know that iOS is the favorites OS for developers and most of the apps which get released is first launched for iOS only (Heard about Prisma app?). and other situation like iPhone budget is very high and many of us don’t find it worth that currency too, so most of us end up buying a budget Smartphone only. Let’s discuss best iOS/iPad Emulator for Windows PC.

This iOS/iPad Emulator for Windows PC is a personally listed and all are in best to work for windows devices and so now you have to get your favorite iPhone emulator for PC

Best iOS Emulator for Windows

1# Air iPhone Emulator:

Air iPhone Emulator is a best iOS emulator for your windows PC which you can download easily here. Using this iOS emulator we can use the iPhone app to run our windows PC. If you are an iOS developer, then you try out this emulator to try your apps for free. If you didn’t like any other iPhone Emulator for PC, then it’s a best for the iOS Emulator for Windows PC.

ios emulator for windows

How to Download and Install Air Phone Emulator in PC:
  • First, Download Air Phone Emulator for PC from this link.
  • Simply, do a double click on it and follow instructions.
  • Click on Finish at the end.

2# iPadian iPhone Emulator:

iPadian iPhone Emulator is a most popular ever iOS emulator for PC, this ios emulator through we can use the ios app on the windows PC. This emulator is supported by all versions of windows and the great thing about this emulator is you will get updates on your windows as soon as some new iOS version is released. Also, it’s a provide a two version of Emulator One is free and another one is of 10$ by which you can run any iOS app like Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. it’s all app are paid version of iPadian phone emulator to use.

ios emulator for windows

Features of iPadian Emulator for PC:
  1. The free version of iPadian Emulator can give you basic iOS feel for free.
  2. Access to customized store App Store in the free version.
  3. In premium version, you can use any app freely with Apple App Store.
  4. Premium version is totally ad free.
  5. Moreover, it’s cheap also. (Premium version is available for 10$ only).
How to Download and Install iPadian Emulator on PC
  1. First, Download iPadian Emulator
  2. Tap to the install file.
  3. Follow, on screen options and Click on Next accordingly.
  4. Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator in your PC, you can follow further steps to run iOS apps in your Windows Computer

Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator for iOS in your Windows Computer. You will see an iPadian icon on the desktop. Now open the iPadian ios emulator and just click on store. In store Download your favorite apps from there and enjoy iOS emulator on PC.

3# MobiOne Studio:

iOS emulator


The MobiOne Studio is a most useful ios emulator for windows PC. We can run all ios apps in this ios emulator through. Moreover, what’s different between other emulators, this emulator will not only allow you to run iOS apps on your PC but you can also run Android apps on your PC using the MobiOne studio. All apps created in the MobiOne studio are based on HTML5 and it will be supported on all devices. MobiOne Studio is not free but still, you can avail it’s 15 days trial to use and check.

4# Xamarin Testflight:

Xamarin Testflight is an alternative to all another iOS emulator, also it’s a very useful emulator for the ios apps to run on our windows devices, Though, it’s paid emulator for Windows, but believe me, it’s worth personal use.

iphone emulator


How to use Xamarin Testflight iOS emulator, so let’s click on the download button and get the more information about the Xamarin Testflight.

5# Smartface:

Smartface is one of the best iOS Emulators for Windows and very useful. Smartface is an iPhone app emulator and tester that helps build up cross-platform native iOS apps to run easy ways.

Also, it provides a very flexibility to run and very faster to another iPhone Emulators, It is a full-featured to get the mobility management platform that reduces cost, increases productivity, removes dependency and provides strategic mobility solutions. Check the below link and download it now for Windows.

ios emulator for pc




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