How To Take Photos At Night With Your Smartphone?

You will agree with us that night photo shots can be impressive. However , most smartphones are not able to capture good snapshots in the moonlight . Here we offer a few tips to take a night photos with your smartphone will not again be a drawback .

How To Take Photos At Night With Your Smartphone?


Keep Your Smartphone Stationary

This is one of the things that inexperienced photographers are not aware of . The key to taking a photo at night is to keep the phone as still as possible . The exposure time is one during which light is captured by the camera to take a picture .

During the day, the exhibits are short , usually one-thousandth of a second. However, at night , when the light is low, the camera software has to set a longer exposure time . A slight hand movement during this brief period can make your picture blurry. The phones that feature optical image stabilization are less vulnerable to this effect, but not immune .

One way not to fall into this mistake is to find some kind of support . Support the mobile in something solid and motionless like a table, a bench or something that you find around. Obviously, we can always buy a tripod for smartphones , which will make your photos never again seem unstable.

Use The Timer

As we discussed earlier, shaky hands and night photography are not good friends . However, if you are one of those who does not tremble the pulse, you still have an opportunity to enter the blur of the image when the trigger is pressed. Today’s phones are very quick to take photos . One way to solve this is to activate your camera’s timer . With a delay of two seconds should be worth.

Use The “Night Mode” Of Your Phone

Most modern smartphones have a “Night Mode” built into the applications that come with the camera. The few mobiles that do not have this feature, can always download some app . With this may the photograph you want to take does not come out with excellent quality , but surely it will improve .


Do Not Use The Flash From far

Most phones today have a built-in flash . Some models in which the camera especially highlights, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Nokia Lumia 1020 , have xenon flashes, which are even better than LEDs . However, the most powerful flash is useless if you shoot from far away .

In fact, a two-fold increase in the distance between the camera and subjects decreases up to four times the light that comes to them . The opposite is true. If you are too close to the subject and the flash is on, the amount of light in the picture will be excessive. The optimum distance for using the flash is approximately 2 meters .

If you follow these simple instructions you should be able to take night shots to an excellent quality.

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