How to Search and Send GIFs in WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone now allows you to know send GIFs but even send live photos and short videos as animated GIFs. These tutorials to let you get started. Just few

Days back, I was really overjoyed to see the option to add emoji, text and even draw on photo and video in WhatsApp for iPhone. WhatsApp now let’s iPhone users send GIFFs, catching up with rival messaging services like iMessage and facebook Messenger.

GIFs- or the Graphics interchange format are short looming animated images without sound, typically used on the internal to convey a reaction. Popular in the web’s earlier days, the rise of social media has seen the humble GIFs make a comeback- Twitter, Facebook and iMessage now support them.

Now you don’t have to need to take help of the third-party app to send GIFs in WhatsApp. Just you will have to install WhatsApp latest version 2.16.16 on your iPhone then everything is yours. Sharing GIFs and live photos is not hard, even though, I will share with you, how to send GIFs image on WhatsApp on iPhone.

Open App store tap on Update look a list of app under the Available updates for WhatsApp if any update available then please update it. After updates it, go for below steps to search and share GIF image in WhatsApp.

How to Search and Send GIFs in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step1: Lunch latest versions of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step2: Next, you need to open the conversation.

Step3: Hit on (+) button (appear left – bottom side) to launch a popup.


Step4: Now tap on Attach Photo & Video library.

Step5: Tap on GIF option at the left- bottom side on the screen.


Step6: here you have two options; Search Tenor GIFs picture or choose from starred GIF images.

Step7: Tap on Send button located at right – bottom side.


Done that’s it.

If you want to send the live photo as a normal photo, choose select as photo in the menu. The latest version of WhatsApp lets you forward a message to multiple users at one goes and tag people in any group chat. Give these futures a try as well to hotten-up the temperature of your conversion.

There is also option to send multiple GIFs in WhatsApp at a time. As well as very easy to crop, add emoji, and put text on GIF image. In addition, there is a Starred tab to view all bookmarked GIFs and to send often very easily. Even while you received GIFs in WhatsApp, then you can easily copy, delete and forward with other contacts of your list.

To send Videos that are 6 seconds or shorter, you can now send them as animated GIF, trick to send a video as GIF in WhatsApp on iPhone. Just Tap the GIF toggle after picking a video for that, you must have iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Please let’s share your experience for Send Animated GIFs in WhatsApp on iPhone with us, we will appreciate your feedback, you can also share our feedback in below comment line, Stay keep in touch with us to get more new update.

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