Complete Guide On How to play Pokémon GO on PC Without A Phone

You want to play Pokémon GO on PC without transforming into one of those zombies who are staggering around urban areas the world over these days Pokémon GO is an increased reality amusement by Nintendo. Only a couple of days after its discharge, a few players have gotten in a bad position by strolling into perilous neighborhoods, finding dead bodies, or getting burglarized.

You would prefer not among them. Here’s an approach to play Pokémon GO from your own PC along with the solace and security of your home. All you need is a Windows PC, a touch of tolerance, and this guide.

To play Pokémon GO on your PC at home, i.e., without physically moving around, you have to connect with a strategy called GPS satirizing. Entirely, this is an infringement of the engineer’s Terms of Service and could get you briefly or forever prohibited from the amusement. Use at your own hazard!

To set up Pokémon GO on Windows PC utilizing BlueStacks, you have to set up a pack of instruments in precisely the correct request. In the event that you’d, in any case, prefer to attempt the BlueStacks course, feel free to download every one of the apparatuses recorded beneath. For everything except for BlueStacks — the Android emulator for Windows that we’ll use to introduce the diversion – download the Android APK record.

Various Steps To Play Pokemon GO On Windows PC

  1. A Windows PC and administrator rights to introduce programming.
  2. BlueStacks; utilize this BlueStacks rendition for Windows 7/8 or when the diversion crashes with the Windows 10 form.
  3. KingRoot, a root device for Android gadgets.
  4. Lucky Patcher, a device to change application authorizations.
  5. Fake GPS Pro, an application to parody your area. Lamentably, the professional rendition is (presently?) $5 on the Google Play store. You can even now discover the APK document for nothing, yet download at your very own hazard.
  6. Pokémon GO, the amusement itself [No Longer Available].

Try not to install or run until it’s time or Pokemon GO won’t work on your PC.

It is suggested that you put every one of these documents into a solitary organizer, so you can without much of a stretch discover them later. Try not to hurry to introduce any of the applications without realizing what to do! On the off chance that you cautiously adhere to the request and directions underneath, you’ll be playing Pokémon GO on PC much sooner.

Step 1: Install BlueStacks

First, install BlueStacks

Installing BlueStacks to play Pokemon GO on WIndows PC

You should likewise set up your Google account. In the event that you do that now, you’ll have the capacity to associate with the diversion speedier later on.

Step 2: Install and Run KingRoot

To introduce KingRoot, open BlueStacks, click the APK image on the left, open the particular APK document on your PC, and KingRoot will introduce naturally.

Install KingRoot for PokeMon GO on PC

Once introduced, run KingRoot, look to the base, click Try it, at that point click Fix now. Running KingRoot

When you see your Security Index, click Optimize now, at that point close KingRoot. We won’t require this application once more.

Step 3: Restart BlueStacks

Snap the cogwheel in the upper right corner of BlueStacks and select Restart Android Plugin.

Restart Android Plugin

This will restart your BlueStacks application player. Keep in mind this daily schedule, since you’ll require it again later.

Step 4: Copy Files from Windows

Snap the organizer symbol in the BlueStacks sidebar on the left and open FakeGPS. You don’t really need to finish the activity with any application; it ought to be duplicated to BlueStacks naturally. You can close the choice window by clicking an arbitrary spot out of sight.

Step 5: Install and Run Lucky Patcher

The introduce procedure works equivalent to for KingRoot. Simply click APK on the left-hand side of the BlueStacks window, select the APK document on your PC, and it will introduce. When you open Lucky Patcher out of the blue, click Allow to concede the application get to. Presently, inside Lucky Patcher, go to Rebuild and introduce in the base right, at that point head to sdcard > Windows > BstSharedFolder. Here, select the APK document for FakeGPS and Install as a System App. Affirm with Yes to introduce. Install as a System App

You have to reboot BlueStacks to apply those changes. You can hit Yes or use Restart Android Plugin, as depicted under advance #3.

Step 6: Install Pokemon GO on PC USing BlueStacks

With respect to KingRoot and Lucky Patcher previously, simply introduce the APK document you downloaded already. Try not to dispatch the application now since it won’t work yet.

Step 7: Check Your Location Settings

In BlueStacks, click the cogwheel in the upper right, select Settings, go to Location and ensure the Mode is set to High precision. Any Windows GPS administration should be debilitated, on the grounds that it can upset BlueStacks. In Windows 10, press Windows key + I to get to the Settings application, at that point head to Privacy > Location and ensure the Location for this gadget is set to Off. Windows 10 Location Settings

In different variants of Windows, open the Start Menu, look for the area, and guarantee the component, if accessible, is debilitated.

Step 8: Set Up FakeGPS

Head back to Lucky Patcher and you may see FakeGPS in the rundown of applications. If not, don’t stress.

Fake GPS in Lucky Patcher

To see FakeGPS, go to Search at the base, at that point select Filters in the upper right, check System Apps, and snap Apply. Snap FakeGPS from the rundown and select Launch App. A How to work window will spring up that discloses how to utilize it. Peruse the guidelines cautiously and click OK to close the window.

How to operate FakeGPS

Click the three specked catch in the upper right, go to Settings, check Expert Mode, read the notification message, and affirm with OK.

Expert Mode

Click the back bolt in the upper left to return to the guide. Presently select your favored area, either some place near your genuine area or your most loved and, in a perfect world, profoundly populated spot on the planet.

FakeGPS Map

Click the entry. Then select Save to add that location to your favorites. Click the organge Play button in the bottom right to engage the fake location.

Step 9: Finally Play Pokemon GO on Wondows PC

At last, we’re prepared to play the game! On the off chance that the Pokemon GO on PC application requires a significant stretch of time to dispatch, that is alright. You’ll set Pokemon GO up on your PC precisely like you would on a customary Android or iOS gadget. You can sign in with Google and the application will consequently stack your recently set up Pokemon GO account, should you have appended one to your Google account.

At the point when the game at last dispatches, you should end up in the phony area you connected before. On the off chance that the game doesn’t promptly identify your area, return to FakeGPS (inside Lucky Launcher), pick a spot on the guide, and connect with a phony area once more. We needed to restart BlueStacks (see step #3) and counterfeit an area we had really visited, all things considered.

Each time you need to move to an alternate spot, you need to return to FakeGPS and draw in another phone area. That is the reason it’s convenient to set a couple of top choices, which will assist you with going forward and backward between Poke Stops, for instance. Keep away from long-remove map hops, as this can uncover GPS mocking.

Bottom Line About Pokemon GO On PC

Note that you don’t need to kill your camera. At the point when the first Pokemon is distinguished and your camera doesn’t work, the application will ask you whether you need to kill AR mode (AR = increased reality). Simply affirm with Yes and you can get the Pokemon in the virtual condition.

In the event that you have a touch screen, you can utilize it to connect with the application and toss your Poke Balls. Lamentably, it’s not accessible on the Windows Store. This set off some displeased clients to begin a appeal to persuade Nintendo to build up an application for Windows 10. The appeal has assembled near 25k votes, yet Nintendo isn’t inspired yet.

Luckily, you don’t need to hang tight for Nintendo to make Pokemon GO accessible on Windows. While this arrangement probably won’t be flawless (or lawful), it does work and may give those living in rustic regions or powerless to go out a chance to securely take an interest in the promotion.

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