How to flash Android Firmware to your Samsung Devise via ODIN 3

You can get here full detail regarding download firmware and how to update latest firmware on your Samsung Android Device using ODIN 3.

Do you wants to get the latest firmware updates on you Samsung Android Device? You are at right place. You can download all the latest firmware for your Samsung Android Device here. For that, you have flash the ROM of you Samsung Device manually. For that, ODIN tool is the one of the best tool for Windows that let you help to safely install and flash ROM on your Samsung Android Device.

Here is full tutorial regarding safely flash firmware update to Samsung Android Device.

You should take care of some point before you start to flash the ROM:

Point 1: Download Samsung USB Driver and Install it on your PC for your device. You can download Samsung Kies which will install automatically.

Point 2: Backup you all important data like contacts, SMS, Photos, and Videos etc.

Point 3: Fully charged you Samsung device battery, minimum 60-80% required.

Point 4: Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Device.

Point 5: Confirm that Samsung Kies is not running now.

Steps to flash a Firmware to Samsung Device using ODIN:

Step 1: Download official Firmware from Here and extract the downloaded zip file. Then you will get one.tar/.tar .md5 file or more files.

  • If you get one file, it contain everything in it PDA + Phone + CSC
  • If you get more file then there will be different file for PDA + Phone + CSC

Step 2: Download ODIN3 v3.11.1 and extract the downloaded zip file.

Step 3: Right click on ODIN3 v3.11.1 and run it as administrator to begin ODIN.

run ODIN as admistrator

Step 4: Boost your Samsung Device in Download Mode.

download mode

  • Turn off your Samsung Device first
  • Press and hold Volume Down+Home+Power until the option screen pop up to choose or cancel.
  • Then press Volume Up button for Download Mode

Step 5: Connect your Samsung Device to your PC via USB data cable:

connect device with PC via ODIN 3

Once your device is connected there will one ODIN ID:COM boxes appeared with yellow color and port number in it. The COM number will depend on your USB cable, it normally connect firm 01 to 07. And if you do not see any port number in ID:COM boxes or the box will not with yellow color then you can’t continue anymore. Please check you USB driver and re-install it again.

Step 6: After successful connect of Samsung Device to PC. Upload Firmware into ODIN.

  • If there is one file in Firmware, clicks on PDA button, then browse and choose the firmware file ‘tar.nd5’.
  • If there is more file in Firmware:
    • Click on PDA button, the browse and choose the file that named CODE/PDA
    • Click on Phone button and choose the file named MODEM
    • Click on CSC button choose the file named CSC

Step 7: Install the Firmware into your Samsung Device:

ODIN 3 start button

After upload the firmware file, click on “Start Button” on ODIN. Now there will time appeared which will tell you how much time it will take to flash the ROM.

Step 8: when the flashing process is completed, you should see a big green colored wors “PASS” on ODIN. It means that your Samsung Device is now successfully flashed. Then you have to Reboot your device. That’s it. You are done now. Now you can disconnect your device from PC and ready to use.

If there is any issue in this flashing process. You should check some following thing:

  • Restart you PC
  • Check Samsung Kies installed proper.
  • Update your device driver software
  • Check your USB data cable
  • Check your Firmware file have proper match with your device


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