How to Enable or Disable iMessage on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

iMessage is a one of the most popular messaging service. iMessage service provide by Apple. It’s basically available on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Here, how you can enable iMessage on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

First you have know about the what is iMessage just like above but in the deep, iMessage is a messaging service like Whatsapp, Facebook and also more but iMessage is a send and receive SMS-like text messages, and MMS-style multimedia messages just like a phone chat app. iMessage allows users to send texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information and more so first you have to enable to iMessage on iPhone, iPad and Mac here, How to enable iMessage full off description provide by

How to Enable iMessage on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Before you can start messages, first you have to need a full setup on enable to iMessage,

Note:  It is supported by the Messages application in iOS 5 and later

  • First you have to open the Settings app on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • Now Tap on Messages.
  • Switch iMessage to on and wait for it to enable.

 how to enable imessage on iphone

Enable iMessage after you can send and receive texts and multimedia messages with other Apple users just like SMS and MMS. Also you can turn of iMessage in same steps just you have to disable iMessage Tap just toggle it on and off. Now below description it’s enabling iMessage on your Mac. But How to get iMessage on Mac…

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How to Enable iMessage on Mac:

Simply follow the basic steps on your Mac and you can get the iMessage on Mac.

Note: It should run OS X Mountain Lion or higher..

  • Open the Messages app on Mac.
  • Now click on the Messages in the menu bar and Preferences.
  • After Check mark on the box next to “Enable this account” at the top.

  how to get imessage on mac

How to Disable iMessage on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

If your iPhone is badly work and you have to change your iPhone instead any time and you have to turn off iMessage on your iPhone but you have don’t know about how to turn off iMessage then below trick to use on your iPhone.

How to turn off iMessage:

  1. First you have Go to Settings from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Now Tap on Messages.
  3. Tap the slider next to iMessage to turn it off.
  4. Go back to Settings.
  5. Click on Facetime.
  6. Tap the slider next to Facetime to turn it off.


how to turn off imessage

Now you can successfully to turn off iMessage on iPhone.



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