How to Download YouTube Video Thumbnails on PC

If you ever wondered how to download YouTube video thumbnails, well this is where you get the answer. As of talking about YouTube thumbnails, that’s the feature what makes a YouTube video attractive to viewers. Attractive in terms of both appearance and informative. While scrolling through various videos on YouTube, you may come across a video thumbnails that catches your eye. You may want it to use as a Desktop Wallpaper. Downloading video thumbnails from YouTube is much easier than it sounds. I will show you here how it’s done.

What’s YouTube Video Thumbnail?

After uploading a video on the channel, you are asked to set an image as a thumbnail from three auto-generated images. These images are of a quick snapshot of the video. This is the image that lets the viewers understand what content is inside the video before they click on it. You can also upload set a custom thumbnail on your YouTube video. This is the image which will be previewed by the embedded player on YouTube.

As an effective marketing strategy, most of the YouTubers intend to set an attractive and informative video thumbnail. Thumbnails are also kept with high resolution (1280×720) to give a better preview of the content. Thus, some YuoTube video thumbnails end up as great looking images. Take a look at the video thumbnails in the screenshot below.

As you can see in the above screenshot, each of the videos in that YouTube channel having a picturesque thumbnail. If you keep those thumbnail images as your desktop wallpaper, I’m sure that will look simply amazing. Personally, that’s the reason I tried to download YouTube video thumbnail on PC at first. Irrespective of the reason, if you willing to download


How to View and Download YouTube Video Thumbnail in HD

Downloading YouTube thumbnails is way too easier than you expected. You can do it in two most effective ways that I am about to share in this article. The first trick is using the video ID and the second method relies on a third-party program. Let’s get started.

Method 1: Utilizing YouTube Video ID

When it comes to downloading thumbnail from YouTbe videos, tweaking the video URL and adding the video ID is one of the easiest ways we have. For this trick, firstly you need to identify the video ID in the URL. Take a look at the below image to find out what is YouTube video ID.

The red colored marked portion at the end of URL is the video ID which comes after ‘v=’ of every YouTube video URL.

In the above example, the video ID  is ‘xLCn88bfW1o.’

As you have identified the video ID, we can proceed to the implementation now.

Step 1: Highlight and copy the video ID from the YouTube video whos thumbnail you desire to download.

Step 2: Now Paste and add the video ID in any of the following links below –




Step 3: In the above listed two links, notice the portion that says ‘/ID/‘. Now, replace this ‘ID’ part by the YouTube video ID you have copied earlier. Now, that should look something like these below –




Step 4:  After adding the video  ID to the above-shared link, copy and paste the link in Google search bar which will land you on a web-page from where you can preview and download the desired YouTube video thumbnail.

Here it is worth mentioning that any of the two YouTube thumbnail downloading links will land you to two different web pages. Whereas, the first link with hqdefault.jpg tends to give a standard resolution thumbnail. The second link with maxresdefault.jpg will give you HD quality thumbnail.

Needless to say, not all the videos available on YouTube comes with an HD quality thumbnail whilst all of them has at least a standard quality image thumbnail. Chances are that you try searching using the maxresdefault.jpg link but it shows 404 error. That’s only when there is no HD thumbnail available of your searched video link. In that case, you may try another link with hqdefault.jpg.

However, HD quality thumbnail is what we all wish for, so good luck with that. If you find this method too difficult to execute, there is another way you must try out.

Method 2: Utilizing a Web-Based Application

This one is my favorite method to download YouTube video thumbnail on PC. Though this method may require a third-party tool, all you have to do is copy-paste the video URL. Here is how to get the job done, demonstrated in step-by-step.

Step 1: First of all, visit from your browser. There you will see a search box.

Step 2: Now, go to YouTube on another browser Tab, open the video whos thumbnail you wish to download, and copy the video URL.

Step 3: Get back to the page and Paste the copied YouTube video URL into the search box and hit Enter.

Step 4: By now, your desired thumbnail must be shown in the page. You may now Right-Click on the thumbnail image and then select ‘Save image as…‘ to finally download the thumbnail.

This tool will save or download the image in the highest quality available. So you don’t need to worry about choosing the better image resolution while downloading it.

Aren’t these methods way too easy? Now that you have learned how to download YouTube video thumbnails on PC, you can save any beautiful thumbnail you come across the YouTube.


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