How To Download The MX Player In My PC/Laptop

Are you having the android video player app- MX player?

If yes, then you are having the best video players which are having a lot of features for it.

It is the best ever known media player for the android. It gives you a high end video experience which is being offered by very few ones. Moreover it is compatible to support any kind of video formats too.

Additionally being free takes it at the apex position among all the media players

Few features that made it useful

You can get the hardware acceleration applied to the videos. The HW+decoder do it all for you. Also this is the first video player which supports the multi core decoding too. With this the dual core devices perform better than the single core devices.

This player has made the zooming much easier with the pinching and swiping. Zoom and pan is the available option.

Again the kids lock is another feature which makes its unique again. Keep the player away from the children. This is all done by the plug-ins.

These are the advantages of the MX player

So, now you can understand why the MX player is so renowned. But the thing is that it is only for the mobile version and that too for the android.

But the iOS users can get it from the ITunes. Now what to do if you are interested to have it on your PC or laptop?

Practically the MX player is not having any PC version yet. That has encouraged us to use it by using an Android emulator. The best android emulator can be the Bluestack which is the best one.

Here is a guide to do the task easily

Now once you get the emulator downloaded, the software has to be installed. It is as similar as the way you do to install other software on your PC/laptop or mobile.

A successful installation will show you the icon on the desktop. Click on the icon and open the page.

There you will find the search bar on the top right portion of the screen. There you have to types the name of the software you want to download. Types MX player there. Click on enter.

Here we give you a trick to play.  You must have received the No Result Page. There you will also find the link of the MX player. Click on it and you will be redirected to the Google Play page. From here you can easily download the app.

Now in this era of apps everywhere you don’t need to have a guide to download and install it. Just click on the install button and wait for few minutes. The installation process would be completed within few minutes.

Now you have to again go back to the bluestack home page. If the installation is successfully done, then you will see the icon on the page. Click on the icon to launch the media player into the PC. Thus you get to use the android media player on your PC / laptop.

So this is a process by which you can easily do the task without any issue.

We share an alternative in case you need some

In the alternative method, we would say you to follow the first two steps from the above method. That is getting the emulator for the android. Better if you can get the bluestack.

Now here instead of getting the MX player from the Google play, get the MX player APK. Download the apk version. Once the download process is finished, you have to access the directory of the file where it is stored. Right click on it and choose the option, open with the bluestack.

Many a time the option of bluestack is missing on the menu. In that case you can opt for other app which can help you to open it.

It’s easy and simple and can e done by anyone even the beginners.

Here is another emulator for you

I have mentioned the name of the bluestack here as the android emulator. But there are alternative choices too. Other than the Blue stacks you can get the YouWave as the alternative emulator.

But based on the user experience and the feedback of the emulator, the Bluestack is the better choice. The performance of this one is much advanced and gives you error free results too.

About the download of the app

In this article I have shared two ways to get the MX player on the windows PC or the laptop. You may try the first one first. In case it fails to have the app, then opt for the second one. This could be the second option but a guaranteed one. So never neglect the second one. This would surely give you the media player.

Here I have also shared the one which guides you to download it for the android devices too.

The official website for the MX player can help you to directly download it on the device that you are having. In that case you have to get the download MX player for android or the APK file has to be downloaded.

Here I will like to share a very important note: in the internet you will find many website sharing the link of the MX player. Even they are available on the Play store too. But a backup should be kept in order to save the time and the data used while downloading. In case you need to install it again, get it from the back up file. Thus it could help you to save the data and time both.

So here’s the main advantage of the APK file

The row of the apk files on the official website is being handy for you for this reason. This would be convenient while you are formatting your phone. Also in few devices this android app is not available in the play store. In that case the problems get solved with the APK files too.

Other app which can give the feedback somewhat likes this

MX player media player is considered the most advanced and the popular one still now. So besides being used on android devices and the PC and laptops.

But many a times we need to look for the alternatives even for the best one. So I have shared some of the alternatives to the MX player which can help you in any other way out.

  1. KM Player

It is a versatile media player which is often used. Most importantly it covers all the formats like 3GP, WMA, Quick real time, Real media, DVD, OGC, VCD and many more. There is a countless of such formats which this player can support. One thing that should be mentioned is that even if you want to play the TS video, KM player can be the right choice in that case.

  1. VLC media player

Now who don’t know about it? Everyone of us knows about  this one and is very popular on the windows. It is considered as the oldest one and also the trustworthy. From the CDs and DVDs to the streaming videos, VLC is compatible to whatever necessary. It can be able to play the codec even if you are not having the codec packs. Irrespective of any platform like Linux, Android, windows or even MAC, VLC plays on every one of them.

  1. Mplayer

It is particularly movie player that runs on multiple systems. And this basic feature of the app makes it more acceptable. Also different video format is supportable with this media player too.

So what other features do we want to enjoy a media?

  1. GOM player

Well very few people have heard this name but it is the Gretech online media player. This player is totally free and is able to be installed on any platform- windows, android, MAC. There is also no need to download any codec for it. This media player is having a great feature of playing the broken media files too.

This particular feature of the GOM Players makes it unique from the other players. Different media format is also supported by the GOM Player- ASD, DiVX, AVI, WMV, MPEG and many more.

Though less heard, yet this one is worthy enough and is having some of the best features of the media player too.

Final verdict on the article today

I have shared a lot of information about the MX player in this article. Hope every information is useful for you and comes to your help.

MX player is being preferred most but in case you can’t have it, I have also shared few alternatives of the MX player. Hope that too would help you in any case.

If you can have any more information about it, you can share it with us in the comment box. I would love to have them and know more about it.

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