How to Download Movies from Showbox

If you are wondering how to download movies from Showbox, you are in luck. Your interest in Showbox has a valid reason. And, throughout this content, I will be guiding you to download Showbox movies easily, for free! There are plenty of good apps like Showbox where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. Among all online movie streaming sites or apps, Showbox is a leading one. You can stream high-quality movies on Showbox from all types of devices.

The interface and overall functionality of Showbox are great and so people love to remain hanging with it. The contents of this app are regularly updated which makes it an ultimate streaming platform. Watching all types of movies now became easy through Showbox.

But if you want to download any movies then you need to follow some step-by-step procedure. Showbox doesn’t let its users download movies directly from their database on one-click option. But there are some ways which I am going to reveal here following which you can download movies directly.

How to Download Movies from Showbox

Enabling download option on Showbox is easy that let you download any types of content from Showbox with a different quality. Now you can easily save movies from Showbox directly on your device storage. There are two ways to download movies from Showbox which I am listing below.

Method 1

  • First of all open Showbox app and choose movies that you want to download.
  • After you have selected a movie, go to its description where you can select the video quality.
  • Select any format and click on the download option just below the Watch Now option.
  • Now go to the menu bar of Showbox on the top left part of the window.
  • On the menu bar, you will find a download option which on click shows all movies those are downloaded on your handset.

Following the all above steps movies, those you have downloaded are automatically get stored in the internal storage of your handset. It is recommended to keep free space on internal storage for a smooth and flawless experience. It is a problem but can be handled easily as there is a way that let you download movies from Showbox directly on your mobile SD card.

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Method 2

To download movies from Showbox that directly get saved on external storage, you need to use a download manager. There are many download manager app available for free on Google Play Store which is compatible with all Android operating system.  Download any download manager which seems suitable but as per my choice and experience, Advanced Download Manager is a good choice.

It is a free app and available widely on the web. After you have downloaded and installed the app on your phone, launch the app on your phone and follow the steps listed below.

  • Click on the menu icon of the download manager present on the top left corner of the interface. From the menu select settings and then click on the Downloading option.
  • On clicking to downloading option click on the Folder for files option right below the downloading option.
  • On clicking to Folders for files tab a new option will open where you can choose access to your SD card.
  • A list will open from where you need to choose Folders where you need to save all Showbox downloaded contents. Here you can create a new folder and also can rename any existing folder as per your requirements and choice.
  • Now launch the Showbox app and select any movie that you need to download.
  • Below to the video quality option, there will be three dots. Just tap on those dots (icon).
  • On clicking dots, two new option will open from where you n3ed to click on Other Player.
  • Now you have to click on Watch Now.
  • To watch movies on Showbox they will give you a list of player apps installed on your phone. Select Advanced Download Manager (ADM) editor and then click on Just once.
  • ADM started and you can rename here the file that you have selected. Finally, click on the Start option to start download Showbox movies.

All files those you have downloaded can be easily accessible as all files are get stored in the folder that you have created on your SD card to save all Showbox movies. Following all above-listed steps, you can easily download movies directly to your SD card form Showbox. Not only ADM helps to download movies from Showbox, but you can also use the same app to download contents from other streaming sites too.

Features of Showbox

  • The interface of this app is easy and simple. You don’t need to login to get access and to watch movies of different genres on Showbox.
  • All files are available in different quality and format.
  • Contents are regularly updated and so on this app, you can watch all recent and old movies and TV shows or episodes.
  • Showbox not only lets its user watch movies and TV shows but also you can download.

Undoubtedly, Showbox is one of the leading online streaming apps for movies and TV shows. It has lots of exciting features and functionalities which let its entire user watch movies and shows for free. You can save movies or TV shows to watch when you are offline on Showbox.  But if you want to save Showbox contents directly on your external storage then you need to install any download manager on your handset.

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With the help of downloading the app the whole process to download movies from Showbox becomes easy and simple. So follow Method 2 if you want to save movies or videos on SD card otherwise choose Method 1 which is a default one.

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