How to connect to Chromecast?

Chromecast is one of the best media streaming and casting devices available in the market today. It is giving tough completion to their competitor since Chromecast competitors lack in many features as compared to Chromecast. It is a small device which is brought in the market by Google. It is available for a very affordable price. You can just connect it with your TV by inserting it into the TV’s HDMI port and then the USB port. After that all you need to do is to use any compatible app on your mobile device and stream content from it to your TV screen. Not only the video, even the audio will get streamed and hence you can get the big screen experience while sitting at your home only. Setting up and connecting the Chromecast is a simple process! If you have recently bought a Chromecast and are struggling with connecting it or having any connectivity issues, then you can just go through this tutorial which will explain in detail how to connect to Chromecast.

how to connect chromecast

Steps for connecting the Chromecast device

Connecting and thereafter using the Chromecast is a fairly easy process. Anyone with even a basic knowledge about devices will be able to easily setup the Chromecast. Let us now see the steps of how to connect to Chromecast.

Step 1 – Begin by hooking it up with your Television

The first step to learn how to connect to Chromecast is to hook it with TV. Chromecast has a HDMI plug and it also has a USB wire attached with it. So to connect it with your TV, you should first plug the Chromecast into the HDMI male port on your TV. After that, insert the cable attached with the Chromecast into the USB plug of your TV. That’s it. Just switch on the TV and you will observe a loading screening when you select the HDMI option on the TV. Soon you will see the Chromecast home screen. But you should keep in mind that if you are using the 4K compatible Chromecast Ultra device, then you will need to connect the adaptor to an external outlet. This is because of the fact that a USB port will not be able to provide enough power for it to sustain.

Step 2 – Connect your mobile device

The second step of how to connect to Chromecast is to connect your mobile or your tablet device with the Chromecast as you will stream the content you want to watch from that only. So if you have an Android device, then you should go to the settings and search for the cast option. Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is turned on and your mobile data is turned off. After that, when you open the cast option, you will see the name of your Chromecast device reflecting upon your screen. Just select it and see the magic happen. Now your phone’s screen will start appearing on your mobile device. Hence, your phone has now been connected to the Chromecast.

Step 3 – Download and install the Google Home App

Google Home App is the base app for controlling and managing your Chromecast device from your phone. It was earlier known as the Chromecast app only but recent upgrades led to a name change as well as bringing in loads of features. If you have the Android device, then you can get it for free on the play store. If you have iOS device, then go to the app store and get Google Home from there for free. Though this app is not necessary if you are connecting your Chromecast with your PC, having just the Google Chrome app will work just fine in that case. But for mobile devices, having this app is a must.

Step 4 – Set Up the Google Home App and Select Devices

The option to select your device will appear in the top right corner when your device is turned on and connected. You may also get a prompt on the bottom of your device which may ask you to set up your device. Setting up the device through this will work equally fine. The Google Home App will start setting up the Chromecast now. You just have to sit back and watch and just tap continue whenever prompted to do so.

Step 5 – Check the Code to move further

When the ‘continue’ prompt stops, then you will see a code both on your television screen as well as the mobile app. If they both match, then all you need to do is to tap on the option Yes. After that, you will get an option to give your Chromecast a name. Give it any name that you want. You can also enable the guest mode by clicking on the option below on this same screen in case you want that as well.

Step 6 – Connect the Chromecast to the Internet

To do this, firstly you will need to select a network. After that, you can either get the password for it from your mobile device or you can also enter it manually. In order to ensure smooth connectivity, you must keep in mind that you need to keep the same network for the Chromecast as well as your Android apps.

Step 7 – Sign in

The last step of how to connect to Chromecast is to sign in. Now that your device is connected and you are ready to stream, you should just sign in to your Google account so that all the data and content which you have saved in your Google account can be synced. Though this step is not necessary to be done, but this will only help you in future so it is better if you sign in. Besides this, you can also go through the tutorial on how to use the Chromecast. Of Course, it is not necessary to go through it and you can always skip it if you know what to do. But again, this won’t take much time and clearly explain all the process.

The Last Words

So we have seen how to connect to Chromecast. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and then download apps that you want and enjoy streaming.

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