Google News: Google Updated Private Policy To Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

Google – the greatest tech company to make a long wall between unnamed online ad tracking and user’s name to provide safety from the Hackers used ‘Internet of Things” from cyberattck and more.

Google – the greatest search giant on the internet has recently updated its one of first priority thing ‘Private Policy’ to safeguard protection of its user’s personal information. Google’s latest provision on the technology company’s private affirmation has been lead out. In the Google’s statement, Google promises not to integrate cookies on personal information without approval from each user each user.

Google has bought the biggest online advertising network DoubleClick in 2007 with the Google’s fonder Sergey Bran’s assurance that privacy would be the company’s “number one priority when we contemplate new kinds of advertising products.” Google has kept the promise continues, dividing their enormous information of web-browsing data from the personal information which is collected from Gmail and other parts of its Google product. But the change has made in last summer when the search giant asked users to option to sharing more data and slating request to the specific users to give permission of its browsing and personal information for some grate serve ads. In quintessence, signing up lets Google’s ads know who you are no matter where you go across different devices.

It means that Google’s new ‘DoubleClick’ works like they follow its user’s sites to sites visit for future serve ads to them with the help of every information they entered in Gmail. This all can be possible Google’s effort to make a full user profile, which is based on users tying names, email detail, browsing detail and search attempts. After that the Google’s DoubleClick provide ads which are mutually suited for Google user.

Google’s new users are automatically opted in the level of data sharing, but old users were asked if they would option-in to get the latest new Google Account feature.

ProPublica – a non-profit news agency has conducted a study on the Google’s private policy statements changes. The study says that the search giant has assurance to keep two sets of data to protect user’s personal information. They has updates the policies, state that the user asked for permission to merge cookie data and personal information. Google’s spokesperson said to ProPublica that “opting in lets Google deliver much more precisely-catered ads to users based on their activity across all their devices. Which seems harmless enough: Opt-in if that sounds like your fancy.”

Recently, some Google’s users has filed complain against the company to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for their privacy had been violated by this provision change in Google’s privacy statement. Sergey Brin said “guarantees the complainants that they are being very watchful of people’s personal information. Data security is their primary concern when it comes to advertising.”

Scott Howe, chief executive of broker firm Acxiom said “The marriage of online and offline is the ad targeting of the last 10 years on steroids,”

How to Opt in/out Sharing Data?

Google user has opted in sharing data with Google can opt out at any moment. First, Google need to logged with any Google Account, then select ‘My Account’ from the main menu. Second step to Go-TO “Personal info and privacy” and click on ‘Ad Settings’. Google has changes lots of features in latest update of private policy. You can also delete you all past data from ‘My Account’.

Well, Google is not only online company which can track you all personal activities, many other site are also tracking your personal data like Facebook is doing. At some points it’s very necessary to keep changing the private policy to provide great control and safety to the users.

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