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Geometry Dash is a game of RobTop Games that is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store, as well as Steam and is known to be always among the most downloaded game, based its success on great gameplay and fast action. And is that like many of those games that tempt us, Geometry Dash latest version 2.1 is known for its difficulty and for keeping the player in constant frustration.

Geometry Dash latest version 2.1 is available to play online for free. The game is plagued with impossible missions, to the point that the developers have recognized this end and therefore have been honest in its development. Playing Geometry Dash is not a simple task, but for many missions may be impossible, the truth is that with a few tips and small tricks, along with dedication, everything is feasible.

So, if you have never played it and you are thinking of downloading Geometry Dash latest version, here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you become the king of Geometry Dash.


How to play Geometry Dash latest version 2.1


Geometry Dash latest version 2.1 is free for play online. As soon as we start the game Geometry Dash, we will see that we are actually a green square with a printed face on it, we can only jump by touching the screen to try to avoid the obstacles that come our way.

The road is not a path of roses and is full of platforms and difficulties that we will have to jump. The maxim is that whatever we do we have to stay away from the peaks. Avoiding them at all costs. If you do not do it you will die instantly and you will have to restart the whole level again and again.

Assuming you have survived the first game submissions, you will find yourself in a portal and you will be inside a rocket. Do not panic. This rocket is not bad, on the contrary. Touch the screen and hold to your rocket to fly up – but whenever possible try to take it by the center.

Geometry Dash Soundtrack

One of the most addictive things about Geometry Dash is its soundtrack, totally hypnotic. But we were not referring to how nice the melodies, but to follow the music of Geometry Dash will help us know when to jump, since one thing is in tune with the other. We must pay close attention to the visual and sound effects throughout the game, making sure that the jumps are synchronized with them.

No matter what happens, never let go, you have to make your own decisions. You just have to be fast enough to push yourself away from the obstacle and nothing else.

Geometry Dash Ending song

The time is a very important factor of the game, so to know when the level ends we will be attentive to the end of the song and it will be at that moment that the level also ends up concluding.

Geometry Dash Practice Mode

This mode allows us to practice, something that often the players often neglect before the craving to play. In Geometry Dash however, this is the perfect opportunity for players to learn to memorize a level where they are stuck, becoming familiar with the actual game and making it much easier. And it is really a good fun when playing Geometry Dash online for free.

Geometry Dash Checkpoints

Within the latest version of the game Geometry Dash users sometimes find checkpoints that allow them to save the game after passing through dangerous areas. In case you have difficulties to pass a phrase try to get to one of these checkpoints first so you do not have to start always from the same place.

Geometry Dash Apk: Download For Android

There are many games for Android that can not be taken into account so with this, you can start downloading a series of applications that make us have fun in a matter of minutes. That’s why we have given ourselves the task of bringing one of the best options of the moment so that with Geometry Dash Apk 2.1 latest version, you can enjoy an extremely fun time. So pay close attention to this which is one of the most important platform games of the moment.

Geometry Dash Apk 2.1 , we can find it first of all as a free and price version in Google Play Store, the only difference is that we will not find advertisements. This game focuses on having to go overcoming different types of obstacles that get in our way. It should be noted that at the time of going past one of these, we will have to say that this becomes an impossible challenge , so you will have to have a lot of intelligence to be able to go through each of the levels. As you level up, it will become complicated to an extreme degree, so only true experts will be able to go through new levels that have become something not to be missed.

Geometry Dash Apk Download For Android

Geometry Dash World is free, with limited level and advertising version from Google Play Store. To be able to download Geometry Dash Apk 2.1 for android phone you need to have Android 2.3 and later versions. You can share your achievements directly on Facebook so that with this, all your friends can give themselves a chance and start playing. Another point to point out is that it will offer us a series of ways to send gifts to our friends who play directly with this application, which has become one of the free games for Android , which are among the favorites of Google Play so that with this you can start to enjoy.

A Simple Game That Entertains For Hours

Geometry Dash is a simple game where there are, however, ends up becoming a real addiction. You’ll have played Geometry Dash sometime . And maybe you were waiting for the new game. Well, there’s no need to wait any longer: it’s already available in the Google Play Store. And it goes for half a million downloads …

You already know the rules: a square to handle that will slip through different levels with obstacles. It seems simple, but it is very complicated: to beat the records is to face again and again at each level until you know it to perfection.

It has different achievements with options unblocking, daily challenges, offers a complete control of statistics that includes up to the number of jumps … And a very interesting addition: we can create new levels for the game and share them . Although this last point only in the full version.

Geometry Dash extends the fun of the original title by offering more levels and more entertainment. Worth it: we loved it. And you’re ready to download and enjoy.

Finally, it is an amazing game to have fun sometimes. So start play the game Geometry Dash latest version online for free and enjoy!

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