Galaxy Note 8 Reviews: Samsung’s Expensive but Imperfect Masterpiece

Galaxy Note 8 Reviews: Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best flagships created by Samsung.  Since Galaxy Note 8 has been released and available in public, a group of internet reviewers were writing different reviews about the new Samsung flagship. Review about its specifications and features down to its battery and fingerprint sensor or even on the tiniest part of it.

Supporters of Galaxy Note 8 will be satisfied if they will confirmed that Samsung does not use low quality of materials in creating the device. The battery life may decrease a little but the other internal part of it has been used for S-Pen section.

The Galaxy Note 8 is powered by Qualcomm’s processor the Snapdragon 835, has a slot for microSD card, 64GB of expandable storage and an internal memory of 6GB. These core specifications make the device fast and perform well.

Galaxy Note 8 battery is better compared to S8 Plus. The Galaxy Note 8 is powered by 3300mAh.This type of battery may last for up to 6 hours while using Wi-Fi. The Snapdragon 835 is a great help why its battery life last longer. However, if your Wi-Fi is off, the battery will still drain fast particularly if you’re using the phone and the brightness is set too high.

Obviously the noticeable part of the device is its 6.3 inches that is why some writers argue the Galaxy Note 8 can be possibly the best smart phone in the market.

The design and curved edges of the device makes user experience better. Its wide screen makes the photo look wonderful in which you can recognize the brilliant colors and shadow detail. It also looks good for browsing article because you will clearly see the text. Its spacious screen is almost the same with the pocket notebook where you can take down notes using digital pen.

S-Pen is another feature of Galaxy Note 8. The Samsung’s S-Pen is the one of the very important part of the Note 8. It can be found in the lower left corner of the device and it would allow you to take down notes on standby display. Note 8 is the best device for you if you want to do your task easily especially when you are busy travelling.

Dual lenses camera are very common nowadays, fortunately the first Samsung flagship that has dual lenses on its rear camera is the Galaxy Note 8. It captures great picture but lacks some whistles and bells. However, Note 8 has two 12 megapixels that allows the user to capture beautiful photos.

In terms of its security, Samsung still includes fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 8. It is located near the dual camera lenses. Since the Galaxy Note 8 is taller, it is uncomfortable for the device to use in one hand because it is so hard to touch the sensor. The main purpose of fingerprint sensor is to simplify the process of unlocking the device but maybe Samsung made a mistake in placing the fingerprint sensor.

Facial recognition is another security feature included in the Galaxy Note 8. It would be able to detect your face and even your iris. But for some, facial recognition is not helpful this type of security can be easily tricked by just showing your photo. Because of this case Galaxy Note 8 facial recognition is considered as one of the low feature of the device.

Galaxy Note 8 is still the best Samsung flagship even though it is not a perfect handset.  It has unique specifications that will surely Samsung supporters would love. The price of Note 8 will start at $929 so prospective buyers should think carefully before purchasing the device.

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