Finally, Snapchat released a new version of it for Android users!

Finally good news for all the Android Snapchat users. From a very long time, Snapchat was working on rewriting the app for Android users, as we know this app was meant for iOS users. So, now finally Snapchat has released it’s the new and faster version for Snapchat Android app.

With this new version of Snapchat, you can have a wholly unique experience. You may not found a lot of changes to the UI of the app, but a lot is done on the back end. This version is a bit faster , less laggy and has fewer bugs than the previous version.

Whenever the snap released it’s an updated version, it attracted many more users. But still, it failed to solve the issues with the Android users. Every updated version had something new added to it, but the same old problem with Android was never solved. Because of which the company finally decided to start working from beginning to solve the issue.

For about a year, the company worked to its fullest to reach the acceptance of their Android users, and finally, they released their much-awaited version for Snapchat Android app. After this release of the latest version of Snapchat, the company has promised to come up with new updates on the same dates of iOS updates. Or the users can even expect the updates for Android even before the iOS updates.

This newly released update of Snapchat has already created a lot of buzz among the users and is even appreciated as it has satisfactorily reached users demand.

Last week in Los Angles at Partners summit, the company announced a lot more new features for the app.
The new features of Snapchat Android includes the AR with the new Scan and Landmarked. All new Snap games were also launched. With this company has also announced the launch of its second version of Lens Studio called Lens Studio 2.0.

So let’s wait for new Snap updates in the future.

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