Facebook For Android: Tips And Tricks(Updated 2018)

Facebook has become the world’s largest Social network with over 1.5 billion of the userbase. Millions of peoples operate Facebook, especially with their smartphones. As we all know Android is the most used Smartphone operating system . the majority of people use it to access Facebook. Though you use the Facebook app a lot, We can bet you don’t know some of its features.yes, Facebook for Android has some Cool Features. and we are going to give some tips and tricks, so you can use Facebook for Android app with better potential.

Facebook For Android: Nearby Places

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This is one of the Coolest Feature offered By Facebook App, you can use Nearby Places Feature to discover all over the locality, you can find almost anything from retail stores to restaurants or hotels using this app.The best part of this app is that this feature is not available for Desktops users, and trust me, this saves time over Google maps.

If you are going out to somewhere new and unfamiliar then it will help you a lot.In case, it is not showing you the right place then you can search for your locality and voila !!

Facebook For Android: Share Without Accessing the App

Facebook For Android TheMobileUpdates.com

It was not that easy earlier to share something, without accessing the facebook app , but now it has become much easier , you can easily share any from Gallery or File Manager, Directly without opening the app and yes, you can. Simply click on share and you will find the button to share on your facebook or any group or any page as per your wish. even you modify the privacy settings from it, outside of the app.

Facebook For Android: Modify Push notification

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Facebook Has Finally rolled out the app with options which will let you customize your Push notification. Simply go to the menu on right top corner and scroll down.Until you find the option to customise all sort of notifications you receive. It is very useful, as you disable some unwanted notifications.

Save For Later

Facebook For Android TheMobileUpdates.com

Save is a very useful feature, released by Facebook, it comes handy when you find something exciting or important. So, you decide to save it or add to your collection for your future reference. Earlier we use to save it or just take a screenshot out of it . But with this feature, productivity has improved a lot.

Disable AutoPlay For Videos

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Let me guess, you are out somewhere silent, browsing Facebook but suddenly a video start playing with a loud noise. Of course, you don’t like it anyway but you ever thought, how to get rid of it. Yaa, Facebook For Android has Solution for it too. Go to menu, there you will find an option Autoplay. I hope you got from here. you can disable the autoplay and start videos manually as per your requirement.

In-App Games on Facebook App

Facebook For Android TheMobileUpdates.com I fell as If Facebook will conquer the whole world as you can see, on Facebook you will find everything you want it. yes, everything you ever want as nowadays you can even play games from the app. Facebook has started providing some of the most popular games inside the app. you can play any game of your choice even challenge any of your friend on Facebook or Messenger. You can’t miss these games like 8 Ball pool, Solitaire, Everwing.The most exciting part is that you can create your group and play games with them. Next time, when you will feel bored don’t forget to switch Facebook Games.

Facebook For Chrome

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As you already know Chrome is the best browser in the Arena now. It has the capability to send a push notification to your Browser. so , it can send Push notifications On Facebook Too. In case , you want to save memory space on your smartphone or if it is running low on space or ram, then it is the best available alternative for you. You can simply Add Facebook to your Home Screen. Now you can use it anytime you want. It will send notifications too, just like facebook for android app. Just need to ensure that no one else accesses your device.

Facebook QR-Code

It is a very less known feature of Facebook App, but it can be very helpful in case you are unable to find someone on Facebook, this tool will generate a Facebook QR for your Profile, meanwhile, if someone will scan it, You will be added in his/her Friend list. It is the really cool feature and you must give a try.

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Facebook Messenger QR Code

Just Like Facebook App, Messenger has also got it’s QR code, which you Scan to add your Friend or College to your Messenger.

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We will Update this post, so stay tuned. Let us know your Favorite Facebook for Android Trick below in Comment Section.Facebook has made it tough for someone to log out but we have finally figured out , how To Log out of Facebook Messenger





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