How to Enable Auto-Answer Calls on iPhone

You don’t have to struggle to reach your iPhone when it rings for an incoming call.  You might face the situation once or many times when you get an important call but can’t reach to the phone while driving, or, cooking, or for anything that your hands are busy. Or, you might be working out and don’t want to get off the treadmill just pick up the phone. For any reason, if you feel the need to enable auto-answer on iPhone, here is what to do.

How to Auto-Answer Your Calls on iPhone?

If we look up to the above-mentioned situations, picking up the phone and pressing the receive button sounds quite of hassle. In such case, the Auto-answer to calls feature we get in iPhone is a savior.

Thanks to Apple for the iOS 11 update that made a lot of things easier for us that includes auto-answering for various type of incoming calls. To enable auto-answer for incoming calls, all you have to do is go through the Call Audio Routing setting and then turn the Auto-Answer Calls option On.

You can also set up a duration at which the calls are answered automatically. The feature also includes auto-answering calls from video calls, FaceTime audio, Skype, Wi-Fi, etc. Worth giving a try right?

Let’s get started in step-by-step:

Step 1: Update Your iPhone

First of all, make sure that your iPhone is updated to iOS 11 or latest version. Navigate to phone ‘Settings’, then tap on ‘General’, and finally press ‘Software Update’ option. In case your phone is already updated, it will tell that; either you will be able to download and installed latest iOS version right away.

Step 2: Call Audio Routing

Now, get back to the General section and then tap on ‘Accessibility.’ Swipe down your phone screen and select “Call Audio Routing’ option.

Step 3: Auto-Answer Calls

When you get on the Call Audio Routing section, hit the ‘Auto-Answer Calls’ option. Turn on the feature. After that, you can set the time period on which you want to take auto-answering for incoming calls. You can choose the duration between 1 sec and 60 secs. You can select the duration from drop-down list of seconds as well.

Step 4: Answering Your Phone

Next, you can get back to the ‘Call Audio Routing’ section where you can choose how do you wish to attend the calls automatically. Keep in mind that when you enable the Auto-answering feature for calls, the regular incoming calls will come through the loudspeaker instead of speaker ph0ne. In this case, either you have to be close to the phone speaker or must use a headset for carrying on communication.

Using a Bluetooth headphone is the best way you can take calls without holding the phone or carrying the phone around. You can set the auto-answering option to “Bluetooth device” for this. On the other hand, you may change the setting to “Speaker” for taking calls on speakerphone.

Step 5: Test Your Auto-Answer Feature

Once all the setting is done, you may try testing the Auto-Answer feature on your iPhone. You may make someone call in your phone via all sort of options. You may try regular phone calls, FaceTime Video and audio calls, as well as from Skype. In every incoming call, the call must be automatically received without tapping on the Answer button.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s how you can get used of iPhone Auto-Answer feature f0r all kind of incoming calls. As you know that you don’t have to keep the feature enabled all the time, you can simply disable the feature once you are done taking important calls in busy hours.

To turn off the feature, all you have to do is go through phone ‘Settings’, then ‘General’ option, ‘Accessibility,’ ‘Call Audio Routing,’ and finally ‘Auto-Answer Calls.’

The Auto-Answer call feature simplifies our task when our hands are too busy to pick up the phone. However, it’s isn’t helpful all the time, especially when you are in a meeting or something where you cannot talk to someone. So, make sure you turn it on at the right time and disable gain when the feature is not in use. Hope this tutorial was helpful. Feel free leave a comment if you wish to make any queries on this feature further.

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