How to Download and Install GBA4iOS on iOS 11 without Jailbreak

GBA4iOS is a most popular ever iOS emulator that allows iPhone and iPad owners to play Game Boy Advance games from their iOS devices as well as download their favorite GBA game ROMs. Now it’s available for the without Jailbreak devices. One of the most popular reasons to hack an iPhone was to enable playing of things like GBA, NDS or PS games via emulators.

Which allows iPhone and iPad owners to play Game Boy Advance games on their mobile devices. Furthermore, GBA4iOS doesn’t need a jailbroken device in order to work; instead, it uses Apple’s own certificates to allow users to install the emulator.

You have to know In the past, GBA4iOS required users to jailbreak their iOS device in order to install and run the emulator, but ever since side loading apps was made possible, GBA4iOS can be installed easily on an iOS 10 iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking.

Here, is a guide on How to Download and Install GBA4iOS in iOS 11 on iPhone to Play Retro Games. No jailbreak is required for this to work. It works on iOS 8.1 and above, including iOS 9 and even iOS 10. Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator for iOS

Features of GBA4iOS:

  • Multiplayer Support
  • Controller Skins
  • URL Scheme
  • Game Boy Color and Game Boy Support
  • Drop box Support
  • Cheat Codes and Save States

How to install GBA4iOS on iOS 11 without Jailbreak


 gba4ios roms

Here, you have to easily download GBA4iOS and install it. But you’ll need to install it and get your ROMs into it in order to really put GBA4iOS 2.1 through its spaces. See these simple steps to follow and easy to plays games.

Step 1: Open Safari on your device, and navigate to

Step 2: Tap the GBA4iOS 2.1 button and then hit to Install

Step 3: Tap to install again when you receive the popup requesting confirmation.

Step 4: When the installation is complete, you will have a new GBA4iOS icon on your Home screen. Navigate to General > Profile(s) > [name of the developer] and then tap on Trust and then Trust again on the certificate. On some iOS versions, this would be General > Profile(s) & Device Management or another to go General > Device Management.

Note: On iOS 10 or updated, you just need to launch the app from the Home screen and hit Trust on the confirmation popup.

The IOS emulator has to install it after; you just need to get some ROMs for your favorite Game Boy Advance games, which you can easily find on the web.

How to Download Roms for GBA4iOS on iOS 10

  1. Open “GBA4iOS App” on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Next, click on Search icon located at the top right corner.
  3. Now you will be navigated to “Google” Homepage.
  4. You can search gba4ios roms and download your favorite GBA Roms onto your device.
  5. After the enjoy GBA games..

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