Don’t Be Fooled By These Fake Apple iPhone Tech Support Phishing Calls

Well, Apple users have got themselves a major problem here. Looks like the occasional fake tech support guys are growing much clever day by day and have found more foolproof way to scam people. We are talking about fake Apple Tech Support calls which has been recently discovered by some of the Apple iPhone users.

In this particular case, iPhone users are receiving Fake Apple Support Phishing Calls from numbers which are spoofed and look like the official Apple Helpline number. Some days before, one lady from california received a call from an unknown source which looked like a call from the Apple Customer care, but apparently it was not. In the conversation, she was informed to call back at a phone number starting with 1-866, saying that her personal informations like Apple User IDs and passwords have been compromised.

After calling the original Apple customer care, she was advised not to respond to such fake calls. So again after the news spread, a security firm named Kerbs called the fake customer care number which was given to the lady for contacting back. Upon calling, the person calling to the scammer was assisted by an automated robovoice and soon after the call was cut from the other site by from person sensing danger.

So, it seems that the spammers or hackers are spoofing the call by making them look like an original call from the Apple Customer Care. Spoofing calls are not new when it comes to online scams. But, the Apple iPhone is not even able to sense which one is the original and which one is the fake tech support call. The scammers are moving away from phishing emails to advanced call spoofing to scam Apple iPhone users.

So, if you are an Apple iPhone user then it is better to refrain such notorious phone calls and all. If you are seeking any kind of assistance from the Apple Customer Care, then there is an official website for iPhone and other iOS device users to get in touch with the customer care.

Link to Apple’s Official Customer Support Website which advises its users on how to avoid such fake support calls, identify possible threats etc.

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