Cortana for Android and iOS New Design Arrives in the UK

Cortana for Android and iOS get fresh design only for the UK users. Cortana App for Android and iOS will finally debut in the UK first.

Coratana- a digital voice assistant of Microsoft. The company has finally announced that Cortana for Android and iOS app available in the UK. Microsoft has announced that the Cortana for Android app will be out over the course of this week in UK and Cortana for iOS app will be on iTune App Store in a few weeks.

Cortana for Android and iOS apps are coming to the UK

Microsoft has release new Cortana App update for Android and iOS will gives you fresh new look.

Cortana App Reminders that Travel with You: Cortana will always be with you whenever you need it. Cortana will keep your all track of your daily routine and remind you about your next action. You can set reminder in your PC and get it on your phone.

Cortana App Never Miss a Phone Call: In case you will not able to pick a call of your friend then Cortana App will alert you about your all missed call on your Windows 10 PC and Cortana will also able send back text message to that person to say that you will call them later.

Cortana App Optimized for Mobile: Cortana App also designs for Android and iOS phones. There are the quick action buttons and voice commands in Android and iOS phone will get what you need. There is some special widget in Cortana for Android and iOS to make you feel more personal.

Coratna on Android is available now on Google Play and Cortana iOS App is coming to the Apple Store in next few weeks.

Cortana- A Fresh Design:

Cortana for Android and iOS app was release last in US, but it’s been lost time that Microsoft has not released any new update of Cortana App for Android and iOS. So, now Microsoft has released a new update of Cortana App for Android and iOS. The new Cortana update is featuring more specified look and feel as per Microsoft. The new revamped UI for Android App added which called “Quick Actions”. So, Cortana for Android and iOS includes a Quick action feature which can let you use the Cortana App frequently from center and front. With new Cortana android and iOS update, you can set reminder or use voice assistant with one tap finger. There can also use other Quick actions like showing the current weather forecast, the latest meeting schedule, a quick look at the most recent news and more.

Cortana new design will also help to answer questions clearly with full-page look. If you asked “where to download Samsung gear manager app?” then Cortana Android app will display with full-page on you mobile screen with better clear look compare to older. The Cortana for Android app will also works faster than older version. You can also you Cortana App with hands-free mode by saying “Hey Cortana” in the App and asked anything you want.

Well, it’s good to know that Microsoft is proving newest feature in the Cortana App for Android. The Cortana for Android app is now available on Google Play Store and Cortana iOS app will be updates in the next few weeks.

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