Chrome 72 Is Finally Live For Desktop, Android & iOS Device Users – What’s New?

Since Mobile device usability is reaching new peaks, it is obvious that Google is focusing more on its applications security and app updates. Just recently, Google has released the new update of Chrome 72 for its users. The update now is available for all the users who want the new Chrome 72 on Windows, Android and iOS devices. Along with the update, the new and improved Chrome 72 brings multiple security majors, bug fixes, pop-up blocking features and many more.

With the built-in updating system of Chrome, all of the desktop users can update to the Chrome 72 version immediately if they want to. And from the desktop users, Google Chrome reportedly removes the feature which was allowing its users to set up a chromecast dongle using the browser itself. Earlier, you could have easily setup your Chromecast dongle by going to Chrome://cast, but the feature now is disabled in the new update. That option still does works in the older versions though.

Chrome has also added extra security majors like Advanced API based login system as we mentioned earlier in this post. Now, it will allow its users to login via a security key or Bluetooth U2F keys. Also, Windows users will be able to use Hello as a 2 factor authentication program for security purposes. External authentications devices are now allowed to be used by Mac users via BLE.

Last with the Chrome 72 version for Android, Users will see a lot of UI improvement along with security patches. Users can now see all the tab history by long pressing the back button in the browser.  There are also some changes to the Chrome Android tab settings as well as other security enhancements. Also, a Chrome Duet feature was spotted by the AndroidPolice which will allow users to button overflow menu, web authentication API improvements for secured login system.

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