Best Xposed Modules for Your Android Phone To Access The Best Features

Do you want to install more features on your new android phone?

So you have to get the Xposed frame modules to increase the capability of the rooted android phone. With the new features you can easily increase the performance of the phone and get many more advantages.

If you are totally new to the term of the Xposed frame module, then I can help you to know about it.

Being a rooted android device is the only compulsory necessity of the Xposed frame. The only thing with which it can be shared is the trick maze. This frame can run only in the memory and nothing to do with the phone system. Most of the Xposed frame of the year 2018 is safe to be use in your devices like the phone or the tablets.

What actually the modules do on your phone?

They are the frame which helps in customization of the phone by enabling or disabling them. in case you want to reset the change, just disable the Xposed frame and reboot the phone. It can change the appearance, provides various feature to enhance the phone. Also in case you want to eliminate anything from the android phone you can easily do it. It does not affect the original apk files of the phone and so nothing damage of the phone is done. Even battery optimization can be easily done with these Xposed frame.

There are various such Xposed frames which are preferred by the users. In this article, I have shared some of the most popular ones which are best supported by the android devices. Have a look at them and try them if you find them interesting enough. You can easily find them on the XDA forum.

Some of the best modules which are popular these days

  1. Gravity box

It is the best choice to change the functionality of the phone. The changes are being done with the kernel changes. This is also one of the best choices for the Xposed frame modules for marshmallows. The version for the lollipop is also given and you can get them from the internet.

  1. Xblast tool

It is having the package of customized features for the android devices.  There are lots of options to have it. To get this tool you to install the Xposed installer and the Xposed framework both. Then getting the tool you have to activate it. To see the changes you have to soft reboot the phone. The color of the status bar and the clock of the mobile will automatically changes.

  1. YouTube Adaway

Well, the name tells you all about this frame work. The main aim of this framework is to get the YouTube ads and keep it away. Not only the ads, it will also deals with the channel and the logos and the video suggestions too. it also helps to delete the information card teaser. To get it you have to first install the Xposed framework and then get the Adaway app o the phone. To enable it go to the Xposed and you get it. Don’t forget to reboot it too.

  1. Awesome pop up video

This is the one which plays in the pop up window. Do you know what the picture- in picture do? Well, same thing is being done by the awesome pop up video too.

  1. Screen filter

It is a very important and essential one. This helps in protecting the eye from the continuous screen time. This is having the android’s built in brightness setting. If you are a game lover or a E-book reader or even a constant e browser, the this can be helpful for you. one more thing that it can do is that it saves the battery life and so you can use the phone for longer period of time.

  1. Tinted status bar

The aim of this one is to get the tint color and that too depend on the app. Better android version is the jelly beans and the kitkat device.

  1. Advanced power menu

In devices like the Xperia, Touch wiz, ROMS, this one works perfect. The power menu is the main customizable part.

  1. Livelcons

Do you change the boring icons of the app into interesting ones? Then the livelcons can do it for it. So have it immediately for it.

  1. FakeID vulnerability fixes1.1

Aware of the malicious object and fake links in your device? Now stop having so as it will be the task of the fakeID vulnerability fixes now. They ensure that the link accessed is surely the trusted one.

  1. Notify Clean

Tired of cleaning the notification area? Do it with just a few clicks with the notify clean one.

  1. WhatsApp X

Most of the mobile users are the fan of the Whatsapp. So if you are also one of them, then have it. It gives you lot of features like the messages of Whatsapp from notification area, call over cell, protect a chat inside Whatsapp with password.

  1. Master key vulnerability

If you want to replace codes on the signed APK, this module is the best choice then. this would also not invalid the signature too.

  1. Force fast scroll

Users can enable this module to scroll faster. This is used for list views. Just drag the scroll bar and have the glimpse within short time.

  1. Play store change logs

Just to change the logs of the installed app, use this module for the task. It is very much popular and many are using this module too. try it once on your phone and experience it.

Few more options enlisted

Some more names are being mentioned here with any details. Have a glimpse of them.

  1. Ifont
  2. LockScreen tweak box
  3. Flat styled colored bar
  4. Keep chat
  5. Android phone vibrator
  6. BootManager
  7. Instagram downloader
  8. XAD
  9. X installer
  10. Shaky
  11. X internal S

Guide for the beginners to install the Xposed framework on the phone

Now being a beginner I will also help you to install them too. Here is a guide provided which can help you to get them:

  • To get the Xposed frame module, it has to be downloaded. Find out the Xposed a framework module which is suitable for the 4.1+ Android versions.
  • You can get just by Googling it. Google the framework which is suitable for the Android version. Install it after downloading it.
  • So your phone is now having the installed framework
  • After you open it, the root permission is asked from you. Give permission to further go for it.
  • Tap on the framework option and then click on the install/update option
  • With this the Xposed will be installed in your system. After the successful installation, you will get the messages.
  • Reboot the phone to apply all the changes.
  • So you have the framework installed on your phone.
  • With the framework you can now install various modules in your phone.

So it’s very easy and also simple. Anyone can do it and that too without anyone’s help.

When you are using the smart phone you have to get it through proper way. So you can get the most out of the various modules of the smart phone with android.

Now what is so impressive about the Xposed framework?

Well the real power of the Xposed framework lies in its features which can change the phone entirely. But it the ROM which is being changed and not the internal memory of the phone. Even the UI of the phones can be customized with the Xposed framework. If you are having one of those Samsung, TouchWiz, HTC sense or even any just other android phones, then no other choice is good than this.

The entire package of the modules can be easily downloaded from the XDA forums. It is the best place to hunt out the modules of your framework that you want.

Final verdict of the article

I have discussed this article entirely on the Xposed modules and the Xposed framework. Hope o have helped the one who was unknown about it and was interested to have an idea about it. This module has been helping the android users for a long period of time. The add-ons are quite useful and impressive to be used on your android phone. The main thing that the modules do is to enter the root access. This makes the main alteration for the features of the phone.

Most of the android users are using this module these days. They are very common now. But remember to allow the root permission to enable the modules. Otherwise they will not be enabled.

Most of the links of the modules are on the internet. So have them and share a great phone for you. It will enhance the performance of your phone with lots of features.

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